Windows Live

Oh my gosh! Call me dumb and slap me silly but I have just been introduced to Windows live writer. I know, I know, most of you are probably laughing because I have just realized what I can do as a blogger.
I noticed at how nice one of my friends blog looks and just had to send her a message to ask her how she got her pictures to look so good. So she told me about a great option she uses. Its called windows live writer. I also learned that I can blog anytime!  I was so excited to know that I did not have to actually be online to post. I can just type away my day as I'm on the road, or anywhere I don't have internet access then I can just publish it to my blog when I do have online access.
I just down loaded it to see how it works and this is my practice post so I can see if I am technically capable of doing this.
I was getting anxious waiting on it to download so I could get started. So I tested out a picture while I was at it. Its not a good picture because I took a screen shot from my phone. I know I only post when I'm away from the office chair (work) but I just couldn’t wait till after work because I will be heading straight to zumba class afterwards and I had to sneak and try this now. Oh, and something else really cool. I just added the word “Zumba” to spell check dictionary. Now I don't have to worry about always ignoring the fact that I know how to spell ZUMBA.

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  1. I have never heard of this and will be downloading it as soon as I get home! I am too not so experienced in the blogging world yet! Thanks :)