Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

I dont get into football that much but I love the commercials. Here are my favorite Super bowl commercials this year.

I like this one the best. Its rather pitiful and I dont know who to feel sorry for the most. The parents or the Graduate.

Here is a Kia Commercial with the Hamsters. I remember the first commercial ever made with these little rodents. The only thing they did was pull up to a light with a tiny little car. Now just look at them. I laugh when I see the box wreck toward the end. haha.

Here is the M&M commercial. These commercials are always cute with adult humor.
Who don't just love the E trade commercials.

The Doritos commercials are always good too and Im a little suprised that I only saw one Budweiser commercial. They are usually voted top of the list by other viewers. But all and all, The commercials were pretty good this year and the Half-time show with Madona was great as well.


  1. I still love the E-trade babies the best! The Doritos were very good commercials this year. I didn't really like the M&M's one myself. Thanks for sharing them in easy to view format!

  2. Those commercials were good...BUT...I've had that David Beckham underwear commercial dancing around in my head all day...LOL.