Double wrapped infinity scarf

Crocheting has become somewhat of a pass time for me. I haven't stopped since November. I have made several different little things. I don't have a real purpose in making anything. I am mainly just learning new stitches and experimenting with different needles and yarn.
The latest thing I just completed is this double wrapped infinity scarf.

I wish I had made it wider so it would be more chunky and cowled but I believe this yarn was to thin for that. Its made of 100% cotton, stitched using the half double crochet and has 1,850 stitches.
My next project is to make a throw for my sister. She wants a purple one for her bedroom. I may try making one using the Tunisian stitch I learned but I'm not sure.
If I get to work on it now I may have it finished by May (that's her birthday sh sh sh).


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