Do you ever just wonder why or why not about certain things? I do. Every day I come across something that makes me stop and think, “why?’ I do not have anything else to write about today so just for fun, let me share with you some of the things I often question.

-Why do pajamas have pockets? Is it just incase you get up in the middle of the night and decide to take a trip to Walmart?

-Why do kids wear hoodies in the middle of the summer? Are they hiding something? Afraid of the sun?


-Why do they have the ability to operate on babies inside the womb but Dentists still use drills and pliers? I dread the dentist.

-Why have they never invented a camera for left handed people? The button is always on the right. 

-Why don’t they sell light up toilets? Just ask a man.

-Why do some people take their pets into the grocery store? I love pets but this is just nasty. Sorry. I have seen some stuff. Eeh. 

-Why do people wear socks with flip flops? Free the toes people!

-Why has no one invented resealable cereal bags or potato chip bags? Not everyone is like me and eats the whole bag in one sitting. 

These were just a few. I’m sure you have questioned many things, so now I would love to know your “whys”. 

Morganna’s 24K Glow Super Cream

Women are always fighting signs of aging. I know a lot of men do too. We look in the mirror and see the years creeping up wrinkle by wrinkle, spot by spot. I started seeing my skin changing in my 30’s. I never really did anything to prevent signs or aging. If anything, I made it more aggressive by spending hours in the sun without sunscreen. I’m now in my 50’s and always trying to find something safe and gentle to use on my face. 

Moisturizers and face creams often leave my face feeling sticky or sting after exfoliating my skin. That’s why I was excited to see this Morganna’s 24K Super cream at my door steps. I could hardly wait to give it a try. I have used it every day since I received it so I could let my readers know what I really think about it. 

I’m impressed. This is a light weight- fast absorbing cream that is gentle on skin and with Super Bakuchiol it is an excellent alternative to retinol. It evens skin tone, increases skin cells and reduces dark spots, scars and signs of sun damage. Astanathin is also included to improve elasticity and texture. 

To use, just apply to your clean face and neck at night or in the morning. You can also use it under your moisturizer or makeup. It comes in a 1.7 oz pump and it only takes a small amount to cover your entire face. It smells great too. 

I was a little hesitant when I saw that it had an orange tint, but once I started rubbing it into my skin, it absorbed quick without any tinting to my face but gave it a natural glow without feeling sticky. It did not stain my hands and I even got a spot on my white shirt that washed out fine. 

Morganna’s 24K Super Cream is hypoallergenic, no GMO, Eco-certified, parabson free, cruelty free and best of all, It’s made right here in the USA. 

I received this product for free as a gift to facilitate my honest review.

 All opinions and photos are my own

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