Out With The Old

As I sit here dipping the last Christmas cookie into my coffee, Im thinking about the past year. I can’t say it was the the best year, but what exactly is a “best” year? Was it the year I got my first car? Was the year I got married? Was it the year my daughter was born? We all have something good that happens to us every year that seems to make it the “best”, but we also have that one thing every year that seems to have made it the “worst”. A loved one or friend passes, we have health issues, etc.. But we made it. I lost a Sister-in-law but I also gained a new Nephew who was born a week before Christmas. It doesn't quiet equal things out but you see how God works. 

Looking back at my own health this past year, It was ok. I have been able to avoid any sickness. However, I went a few months through the summer where I had chest pains but nothing ever came of it except a mention of costocondritis. (Just google it) Its not a big deal. I had every other test imaginable. This left us with a lot hospital bills but we have managed to pay those off.  
I also had lots of inner ear problems followed by vertigo attacks. Those issues seemed to have resoloved the past couple months after I was diaognosed with a vitamin D deficincy. I have followed doctors orders on my Vitamins and my problems have deminished quite a bit. Funny that was the last thing they checked huh. “Just write me a prescription for beach please”
Health wise? They say im perfect. Im just getting achy with age. Yes I’m getting old. Ill be 49 next year. Yikes! 

Today I’m letting go of the year as I prepare my home for my annual New Years Dinner. We will have about 15 people in the house (if they all show up). Thats a lot of collards! 

This past week I have spent it preparing my home for a fresh look. Me and my husband (I plan to give him a blog name) went shopping for new mini blinds and curtains to brighten things up. We had some dark curtains in the den. I wanted some white ones lighter ones but he was not sure about that. We ended up with off white and it looks lovely. It gives the room a brighter and cleaner look. Win!
We have been doing some major cleaning too. He has been cleaning the ceiling fans and walls while I work on the floors and cabinates. Our home is old and consist of lots of paneling which I hate. But we make the best of it. Nothing that a few swipes of paint wont fix but we just never get around to it. 

Tonight we plan to go to the steak house for dinner and bring the new year in from home. We do not like to get out in the mobs of people. It feels safer and cozier right here in the living room with my pjs on.

This will be my last blog entry for the year. I have enjoyed my year in blogging. I have made some new blogging friends and cant wait to continue following their stories as I bring new stories to mine. 

I am excited for a new year. It’s time for a fresh start. 

I wish you all a happy and safe new year.


Goodbye Christmas

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. 
I had a wonderful Christmas. 

I am just now getting time to sit down and blog a little. Boy has it been busy around here. I did a lot of cooking. I wanted to do a figgy pudding but it just wasn’t going to happen. I managed to make a fig bread instead. 

I made many chocolate sweets and cookies, but what went over with everyone the best was dill pickle eggrolls. They were a hit and have been requested for next year. If you like fried pickles, you would like these. 

Christmas eve, my brother in law and his family stopped by for a little while and enjoyed the spread of sweets and goodies I had lined up. Later that night, we drove over the river and through the woods to mom and dads. We left with full bellies, blessed hearts and a sugar rush. 

Christmas morning we sat down for some sausage balls and coffee while we waited on our girl to wake up and run into the livingroom to see what Santa left her under the tree. (Did I mention shes 26?) She got pretty much everything she wanted. I never want that child like joy to ever go away, but I know one day she will be married with kids of her own. 
Me and Nick agree not to get each other Christmas gifts anymore. We wait and buy something for the house or something we both can use instead. But he always breaks the rules and something shows up for me from Santa. This year, as I walked over to the coffee bar, I see a brand new Yeti coffee mug waiting for me. I had mentioned wanting one of these and there it was. That little stinker!

My daughter got some handy tools and gadgets for Nick and got me some nice little gifts too. One of those gifts was a doughnut pan. She knew I wanted one. Her boyfriend got me a cute bacon plate from Mud Pie. It was all so nice. 

Later on Christmas day, we all headed over to my brother in laws for a nice Christmas dinner. There was a nine month old, a 3 year old and a 7 year old in the house. Boy was that fun. I learned how slime was made and all about Batman and Spiderman. I love to see excitement in children at Christmas. 

Today I had to head back to work. I missed being away from my family after all the fun times. 

Now our house shows no signs of Christmas as the tree and decorations are all put away until next year. I have to get the house ready for my New Years dinner now. 

Do you take your decorations down the day after Christmas or do you wait til January?

Dill pickle Egg Rolls.
1- 8 oz block - cream cheese
chopped dill pickles (a little or a lot)
1 tablespoon chopped onion
1 tablespoon Dill weed
bacon bits (optional)

Mix all together
Fill egg roll wrappers 
Bake 400 for 15 minutes (flipping once if desired but not neccesarry)