Man! It’s Cold!

I tell you what, It’s just cold here! I’m talking 11 degrees cold! Now I know some of you may laugh at that as it may be in the negatives where you are, but here, anything below 30 will put our schools on a delay. The kids around here can’t handle walking to school or standing at the bus stops if its below freezing. Aint that something? To hear my grandpa tell it, the kids used to walk to school up hill both ways in three feet of snow barefooted! 

I’m lucky to have a carport to keep my car under. I do not have to worry about scraping ice off the windshield. My sweet husband will make sure my car is cranked and warmed before I head off to work. 

I’m and blessed to have a job where I get to stay indoors all day. The boss wants me to keep the heat down in the office to save energy. I am the only one in the front office where there used to be four of us and I'm simply not worth a power bill. I keep a little space heater beside my desk blowing on me all day. Im comfortable. 

Before I leave work in the afternoons, I will set the coffee pot and lay out some cookies for the guys that come into work early in the morning. They are outdoors a lot during the day and I think its nice for them to have something warm and sweet to get the day started. They don't know it’s me that does this for them. The dispatchers and their manager get the credit, but thats ok. 

I do not even own a pair of Winter boots or a coat. I caved a ordered me a pair of warm boots to wear in the cold or snow. They are nothing pretty but will keep my toes warm on days like this. I still refuse to wear a coat. I will wear a sweater, jacket or vest but I hate a coat. If we ever have a snow to play in, I will just layer the sweatshirts. We have about two more months of cold weather then it will begin to start warming up. I cant wait! I hate the cold. Summer can’t get hear fast enough!

Oh did I mention, It was in the 60’s just last week and The beach 200 miles away from me has snow?

2018 Goals

Happy New Year!

New Years Eve we stayed awake long enough to watch the ball drop, then headed to bed. I have to say, I think it was the worst I’ve seen. They just could not keep politics out of it. Made me sick. I just wanted to pretend I was on the streets of NY with one of those cool hats and slaps sticks while bringing in the new year with all those happy people out to have a good time. Not listen to racist or political comments all night. Gheez. 

We were up and at it early this morning perparing our annual New Years Dinner for my family. We got through it again with ten pounds of collard greens, ten pounds of meat, ten pounds of potatoes, blackeye peas, CrockPot macaroni and cheese, rolls and two fruit cobblers. We expected seventeen people but only twelve showed up. That meant everyone went home with leftovers to last them a day or two. 

I did not keep any left overs because holidays have added a few inches to my waist. You know what that means....Yep back to strictly Nutrisystem. I never stopped eating Nutrisystem after I lost 50lbs but I did cut back to eating a lot of my own meals. It will be fine. I’ll have the extra pounds gone in a couple weeks. No fret.

The new year brings new beginnings. I do not make resolutions. I make goals. Me and Nick talked during our breakfast about the goals we have for this year. My goals are, to eat healthier, get in better shape, and find a new job. His were similar. 

I have a few changes I want to make too. I plan to stop worring so much about things in the news, family matters and people around me. I plan to keep possitive vibes and stop letting things get to me. ( I think I just ruined that one at the first sentence) I will not worry when friends or family do not stay in touch or how the work flow goes. I’m simply gonna just focus on keeping my heart and mind happy, I need to focus on my own business and not everyone elses. Life is just to short for that. 

I wish you all health and happiness for the whole year long.

Do you make resolutions? 
Do you eat a special New Years Dinner?