Hispanic Market

I drive by this new grocery store in town several times a week. I had plans to visit it soon. The store is open to everyone though it caters more toward the Hispanics.

On the way home yesterday, I decided to stop in and check it out. My plan was to buy some avocados and guacamole mix to use for dinner. I felt sort of out of place as I entered the doors and seen several beautiful, dark skinned, brown eyed Hispanics eyeing my entrance.
"Will I be able to communicate with employees here?". I only know three languages and that's English, Pig Latin and Sarcasm. 

The store had a large produce department full of fruits and vegetables that I was familiar with along with many that I wasn't. I became curious and carefully picked two "green Tunas" AKA cactus and put them in the tiny plastic produce bag. The sign was written in English and said "sweet fruit". "Ill try it, why not". After all you don't go into an ABC store and bring home a cola. 

As I was searching around for guacamole mix, A couple really nice employees approached me and ask if I needed any assistance. I said "sure!, can you tell me where the guacamole mix is?" They looked at each other, smiled and said "No maam. We only have ingredients to make it fresh." They handed me a buggy and started loading the things I needed to make fresh mix. They brought a man in from the back that explained to me how to make it. While I was at it, I asked him how to eat the cactus fruits. He explained it well. I could see other Hispanic shoppers watching this unfold as they smiled one of those "bless her heart" kind of smiles. 

Needless to say 10 minutes and  $2.34 later, I was back home making fresh guacamole. 


I think It turned out pretty good and got a thumbs up from my husband. 

What did I think about the "Green Tuna"? 


It was actually good! Tasted like a Honeydew melon to me but it consist of a lot of hard seeds. These are not meant to be chewed. You are suppose to lightly chew the fruit as you enjoy the sweet juice and just swallow the seeds with each bite. 


I doubt I'll eat these again as I'm afraid of developing diverticulitis. But they were really good.  

I want to go back to this grocery store and try some more new things. The employees were so helpful and enjoyable. They seemed to have enjoyed my visit and I didn't even have to know Spanish! 
Smiles and friendliness are understood in any language. 


This past weekend, my mom put together birthday dinner celebrations for My dad, brother, sister and me. 
We all have a birthday in May so she picks a good weekend and we celebrate them all at once. With cards ripping open and gift wrap flying in the air, you would think its Christmas.

Dad gets to pick the dinner menu which this year was steaks on the grill with baked potatoes and salad. We all get to choose what kind if dessert we want. I always choose cherry tart with thick crust! She makes the best!


My brother requested is favorite brand of store bought pie and my sister wanted a strawberry cake.


Mom dont skimp on the size. She makes enough to go around.....like five times! Ha. 


Daddy opt out of a dessert this year as he is watching his sugar and weight. I did see him sneak a bite of my tart though. 

My gifts this year included a retro camper night light, a tiny camper sign, a large candle, a garden flag, beach towel, bracelet and money.

We had a great time.