Sun Shower

When I got home from work today, we sat down to dinner. As we faced the window we could see the storm in the horizon. 

We usually take an nice afternoon walk after our dinner settles in our tummies.
After a while on waiting for the rain to stop, I gave up hope, grabbed my hula hoop and began to add a wiggle and twist to my workout instead of a walk. 

Nick came into the room and asked if we were gonna attempt a walk. He said "the sun is now out". I looked out the window and said "well the devil is beating his wife". This is actually called a "sun shower". 


We decided to imbrace the two and head out for a walk anyway. It was just a drizzle by the time we got our tennis shoe on, then it finally stopped. We could see a rainbow in the Western sky. 

Its always nice to take a walk in the afternoons with my love. We talk about our day and wish on our future. Rain or shine or even when the devil is beating his wife.

Happy Doughnut Day!

"I say Doughnuts, you say Donuts" how ever you want to spell it, both ways are accepted. You will notice "spell check" will not even question it. It always falls on the first Friday in June.

Doughnuts are my favorite sweet! I love Krispy Kreme Doughnuts . I love digging into a box of fresh, hot doughnuts right after they glide through the sugar glaze of goodness. Still so hot, they will burn your fingers. They just melt in your mouth and before you know it, a dozen is gone! OK, I need to snap out of it [snap!]

Do you know where National Doughnut Day comes from? Well here are a few interesting facts about this special day.
  • The Salvation Army established National Doughnut Day in 1938.
  • to raise money for people in need during the Depression.
  • It always falls on the first Friday in June.
  • The first National Donut Day was in Chicago in 1938.
  • Doughnut Day was also to honor the women who served donuts to soldiers during World War I.
  • These women were called "donut lassies"
  • American soldiers returned home with the nickname "dough boys"
  • Journalist are guided to spell it "Doughnuts" not "Donuts"
  • The original doughnut did not have a hole in the middle. They just used a nut shape of dough
  • that's where the word "nut" comes from. The dough resembled a walnut.
  • Doughnut holes are actually a reverse back to what a doughnut started out as.
  • They started putting a hole in doughnuts because the middles stayed soggy.

Now go out and get your fried dough fix for most doughnut shops are giving away freebies today!

Or if your like me, just grab a can of biscuits, cut a hole in the middle, place in hot grease. Flip until both sides are done.
Transfer onto a plate and sprinkle with powder sugar or cinnamon. Enjoy.