Crochet Beach Theme Cozies

I'm getting excited for summer. That's when I take several beach trips. We will be heading down to the coast in a few days. While I was crocheting last night, thinking of something new to add in my shop, I definitely had the beach on my mind. I crocheted these cute little mug cozies.

Each one was created using a different stitch. I'm feeling happy enough to tell you how I made them so if you crochet you can make one too and if you don't crochet, then head over to my shop and grab one of these cuties.

Sorry I'm not good at writing patterns so I'll just tell how I did it and hope you get it.
I used an H hook. But there is really no rule.

The little camper cozy:
  • chain 9
  • (starting 2nd chain from hook), sc/dc in stitch, skip, sc/dc in stitch, to end, sc in last stitch. ch2 turn.
  • dc in same first stitch, skip, sc/dc in next, to end, last st, sc, ch 2 turn.(you will be doing the sc/dc in the skipped stitch of each row).
  • Repeat rows and continue until you have approx. 8 inches long. ch1 turn.
  • sc 2together, sc, sc, sc 2together. ch1 turn
  • sc each row for 2 more inches (total length of cozy should be approx. 10 inches long).
  • on the last sc row- sc, sc, ch2, sc, sc (this makes the button hole). do not finish off
  • sc all around the cozy, finsh off, weave ends. sew on button.

    Sail boat Cozy:
    • Ch 10
    • starting 2nd ch from hook, hdc in each ch, ch1 turn
    • continue until you have approx. 8 inches long. ch1 turn.
    • sc together two times(using up 4 sc), sc across, sc together two last times (using up last 4 sc) ch1 turn
    • sc each row for 2 more inches (total length of cozy should be approx. 10 inches long).
    • on the last sc row- sc, sc, ch2, sc, sc (this makes the button hole). do not finish off
    • sc all around the cozy, finish off, weave ends. sew on button.
    Cut out any shape from a piece of felt and stitch on the cozy. Be creative, make it your own. It does not have to be perfectly placed or stitched. This will be one of a kind. Any flaws will make it a unique master piece.

    I have put these in my Esty shop and are ready for purchase.
    What are some new things you have been putting together lately?

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    Lil Camper Dreamin

    People who have never camped will not get this...I have been going camping now for 18 years. We own a nice big travel trailer that we keep stored at our favorite vacation spot. I have grown to love camping. Its nice to have your own little place with our own bed and toilet.

    Speaking of "own little space", I have gotten a fever for wanting just that. If you follow me on Pinterest, you will notice I have pinned a lot of tiny little  campers lately. My favorite is the Canned Ham type. They are tiny little 10 to 13 ft  vintage campers. They are just so darn cute. I don't know what hit me, but when I seen this, I wanted one for myself. Not saying I want to be alone, even though sometimes its nice, Im just saying I want a big/little project of my own.


    I keep thinking how fun it would be to find one that I can play with. Just a shell of one would be great so I could restore it to my liking. I could not do it in the neighborhood I live in now, but I would love to have one in the back yard just as a resort. A place to think, doll it up, and decorate it in a girly fashion (sorry Husband). But think about it, men have their "man caves", garages, sheds, and workshops. So, why cant a woman have her doll house? Come on girls, you know all of us wanted a doll house at one time or another. This would be a great get-away to read, craft, nap, study, quite time with my husband or just to have a fun get together with girl friends. hmmm wonder just how much gossip and secrets this little thing would hold?

    I have this bike! Wheels are turning 

    I remember drinking Shasta from a tin can.

    This is too cute. On the link, there are more inside pictures to see.

    I love the chalkboard on the inside of the door idea here.

    Inside a little Shasta. I love the arrangement in this one. More pictures on the link.  
    If me and my husband ever decided to go somewhere for a quick over night trip, we could just hook it up to the back of the truck and go. It would be perfect on the side of a lake with a campfire and fishing poles. Hey im up for anything.  My daughter is 23 and still living at home. We need a quick resort sometimes.

    This is perfect! Crafty mind overload!

    The inside colors I would use would be aquas, greys, and a splash of yellow or red. 
    I could go on and on. The possibilities are endless. Just Google or go to Pinterest and search "tin can campers" and see what happens. Just be careful and don't get suck in and get a fever like I did.

    Maybe one day....Maybe one day I can have a ten foot, tin can condo of my own.

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