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The Dreaded Dental Exam

I never suffer anxiety the way I do when I need to go to the dentist. I dread it so much. Even though my dentist has never hurt me, I am scared to death to go. Growing up, we never went to the dentist unless we had a pain level above an eight. Those habits have carried on with me into my adulthood. However, I always made sure my daughter went regularly. Her teeth are still beautiful. Mine, not so much.

I am ashamed of my teeth as they have become more and more crooked and stained through the years. I admit, I do not get regular cleanings like I should. In fact, it’s been years. They are sensitive and hurt. So a couple weeks ago I bit the bullet and went with the intentions of getting another bad tooth pulled. That’s usually how long I wait to go. I can’t afford root canals so I have had three pulled in my life. 

During my visit, the dentist took an xray and examined my hurting tooth. He said, “We are not going to pull this tooth. I see nothing wrong with it and your pain is just tooth sensitvity”. I was given a tube of special toothpaste and advice to come back for a full exam. 

So yesterday I went for the full dental exam. I was scared and nervous that It was going to be painful. After the dentist took full xrays, he began stabbing my gums with a prison shank. It was not comfortable, but It was bearable. I’m glad that’s over.

Good news: I did not have any cavities or serious issues. No bone loss and my gums are healthy. I was so surprised! I just suffer from tooth sensitivity.
Bad news: I need a couple old fillings replaced, one crown and .....braces.

This is a big deal for me. I need to think about seeing the orthodontist about the braces. This is a decision I will need to make. I do not have dental insurance and my health insurance breaks me each month. I mentioned braces to Nick and he is not 100% on board. 
He’s thinks my teeth are fine the way they are but I know they are not, but do I really need to go through all the expense when I can just have the fillings fixed and have them bleached of the stains? I may loose sleep over this one. 

The plan: I have a cleaning scheduled in two weeks. I am already nervous just thinking about that. Yikes. Then I plan to call and set up a consultation with the Orthodontist just to see what braces will cost me and whats all involved. I just paid my car off so maybe I can afford a payment plan. I just don’t know. I don’t want any bills. 

I would love to have pretty teeth. I would feel better about my appearance and smile a lot more, but then again, I am 50 years old and could live out the rest of my life with them crooked and save a few grand. Decisions, decisions.

Do you have braces or ever had them?  If so, what is your experience?