Arrow Tattoo

 If you follow my blog you might remember me mentioning my New Year goals. 

One of them was to get a new tattoo. Well that is exactly what I did. I now have five tattoos. My newest one is the most visible one as it is on the side of my forearm. All of my others are only visible if I choose to show them to you. And no, they are not in private places. I do have a little modesty. 

I went to a local tattoo parlor with good reviews. Most of the artist are women and I felt comfortable and we had some good conversations about gardening, herbal medicines and recipes. The tattooing was almost painless for me. Plucking my eye brows causes more pain. 

The choice for this tattoo was an Arrow.

People will ask me why did I decide on an arrow and what does it mean?

The initial meaning for my arrow tattoo is “Warrior”

I fight everyday with an uncureable vestibular disease. It’s a daily battle but I’m learning to live with it and take all the good days as blessings. It will not kill me, it will just keep fighting me. But I am a warrior.

An arrow will only go forward. This is a reminder to keep moving forward and don’t look back. 

The feather on the arrow is a little gesture of my Cherokee heritage.

Will this be my last tattoo? Maybe, maybe not. I can always add to the arrow. I can add color, more feathers, script, etc.

Ok the arrow is actually my 4th tattoo. While I was there I had her add one more for giggles. You may need to put your glasses on for this one. 


  1. Perfect choices! Inspirational and fun!

  2. At 69, I got my first's a water lily on the top left of my (L) foot. It was for some very important in my life who committed suicide. Will I ever get another, at the age of almost 73? telling.
    Enjoyed the post!