Double Nickel

I was born May 16th, 1969. Today is my birthday.

My husband said I’m a “Double Nickel”. 

I’m considered “Generation X”.

My Horoscope is “Taurus” (though I do not believe it means anything).

My birth stone is Emerald.

And my Birth flower is “Lilly of the Valley”.

It’s been a fun day. When I went into work, my office cube wad decorated and there was doughnuts and a gift basket full of snacks, office supplies and things I like. One of the employees bought me lunch and my supervisor bought us all our favorite Dunkin Doughnut drink.  I ordered a frozen coffee with almond milk and blueberry flavoring with whip cream on top. 

I do not feel older but looking back, things have changed. Enjoy these little interesting facts from the day I was born.

May 1969

-President- Richard Nixon.

-Minimum wage- $1.60

-Number one song- “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine in” by The 5th Dimension.

-A bottle of Coke- .10 cent

-McDonalds Burger- .18 cent

-A loaf of bread- .23 cent

-Gas- .32 cent per gal. 

-New Mustang- $2,848.00

My husband plans to take me out to eat tomorrow night to my favorite Steak House and my daughter will stop in next week when she gets home from the beach. 


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY double nickel. Good for you and it sounds like you are really enjoying that Birthday. We are hoping that this year is the BEST for you. This was a SWEET entry and I know you are proud of Good Ole St. Nick. Sounds like you guys are a great pair. LOVE IT... Take care and enjoy this time of your life.

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful time! I too was born in '69!

  3. Happy Birthday. Sounds like a lovely day. My birthday is coming up on the 30th.
    Another happening the year you were born was that I graduated high school!!!
    I remember my double nickel birthday. We were in Ireland on a walking vacation.

  4. My birthday falls a day before yours. I'm a Taurus too, and my birthstone is Emerald. So nice of the employees to do all those nice things for you. I hope you had a wonderful and special day. : )

    Here's to May birthdays!


  5. Happy birthday! I love Lilies of the Valley ;)

  6. Didn’t realize what double nickel was at first until I thought about it
    my birth date is 1/5/55 double nickel there. I so enjoy your entries ❤️ happy birthday ! Blessings for a wonderful year. Sharon from nj

  7. Happy Birthday! Thanks For visiting my blog! Have a wonderful week!