Let’s talk about tipping. Tipping has become ridiculous. Call me old fashioned but a waiter/ waitress should be tipped for the services he/she gives. 

Me and Nick have always been good tippers regardless of the food. We tip the server because we know that they are often paid a minimal wage and rely on the tips they make. They walk back and forth taking orders, bring out the food and make sure your glass doesn’t go dry. They work for those tips. 

What about these places were you order at the counter? I will usually throw my change in the tip jar and more if the cashier goes out of her way to make my visit a good one. 

But my complaint is that now when ever I walk up to the counter and pay using my card, I can not complete my order until I leave a tip. Why and who gets the tip? 

At the beach we visited a restaurant where a robot brought our food out. When we got our bill, the tip was already applied. It was just two of us, not a whole party. However, it was less tip than we would normally give but this is all we gave on this day. 

This past weekend, my daughter and I sat down for breakfast. There was bar code on the table. You scanned that, made your oder and paid. All by using our smart phones. Five minutes later, a server brought our food out. We had to get up to get our own water refills at the designated water cooler. We never saw our waiter again. I received a text a short while later letting me know that my payment would not complete until I paid a tip. So I did and my tab was closed. 

Every counter has a tip jar. 

Food trucks are way overpriced and even charge to use your debit card. The expect a tip? What exactly do they do to earn a tip? 

Do you agree? Or am I just being ugly? I do not mind tipping but when its forced, It takes all the generosity out of it.

Whats your thoughts?


  1. I questioned a local business owner who I am friendly with and she said the tipping is built into the software that they use for their small business. I think it is possible to put the tip as zero and then close the software.
    I was a waitress while in college, so I am a huge fan of tips. LOL. But I agree it's becoming too much. I also question why the percentage of the tips keeps going up when it's a percent of the food, which also goes up. I also hate the forced gratuity, which is often way less than I would normally tip for excellent service.

  2. I don't think you should be forced to tip and told the amount to tip.
    Tipping doesn't come up for us anymore because we very rarely ever eat out.