Do you snore?

Most people do not know they snore until someone else witnesses it. 

When someone tells you that you snore, it’s hard to accept for some reason. 

I remember my daddy used to snore really bad. I’ll never forget one time he was sitting in the choir booth at church and his head fell back and he snored really loud. We as kids just giggled. I’m sure he was embarrassed at the time. 

Well, I must take after my dad because Nick told me I snore. I snore every night and I snore loud! It has been keeping him awake at night. He took a video of me asleep in my recliner one night while supposedly watching tv. I was snoring. Guilty as charged.

It seems to keep getting worst. I blame a lot of it on my excessive weight gain. 

I am not ready to see a doctor about my problem. I am afraid he will put me on one of those machines. There is no way I can sleep with something over my face with tubes and wires. No thank you.

So, Nick told me about a mouth peace called ZQuiet.  I put it off for a while but when I started waking my ownself up by snoring, I figured I’d give it a shot. And guess what? It works!

When we sleep, our bottom jaw will fall back causing the air flow in our throat to become smaller and it can cause the snoring. (Something like that). ZQuiet is a simple little soft plastic mouth piece that fits over your top and bottom teeth. It holds your bottom jaw slightly forward in it’s natural position. This causes a better air flow and the snoring stops. Now when you lay on your back and relax your jaw, you will think about this. Haha. 

If you snore, you should give this a try. I got mine off Amazon HERE.

Snoring is can be caused by more serious problems so it’s always best to check with your doctor before trying alternatives (Though I didn’t).


  1. I'm glad that helps. It doesn't feel strange in your mouth? I have been known to wake myself up snoring....

  2. Ken snores once in a while when he sleeps on his back. I give him a poke and he turns over and the snoring stops! :) Glad the device seems to work for you. Sweet dreams now for Nick and you. :)

  3. Well good on you. Heck NO! I don't snore. LOL You are right we do not know until someone tells us. Sherry says I do sometime and she does at times but not consistently. BUT my friend it is good to know that something works, and we will remember it because no one really wants to keep others awake, if they know it. Take care we are still in Michigan waiting for our mail to catch up with us. ?then we will decide if this trip is over or not. We are kicking around the options. Love from up here. Hug Saint Nick for us.

  4. I don't but my husband does.. I will be sharing this with him. Thanks.

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