Don’t Take My Plate

It seems like the older I get, the more things get on my nerves. Things used to bother me but I could easily over look it or have a different response. I can still control myself but I am probably only about two years away from being vocal.

One of these things is when I am at a restaurant and the waitress comes along and ask if I’m done with my plate. I used to look up with a smile and simply say yes or no. Now I just look at them with a straight face and say no. 

Tonight my waitress was heading to the table. I had put my fork down for a moment and she wanted to know if I was finished. No. I still had half a plate full. 

Even if I am finished with my meal, if there is a little bit of gravy left on that plate, I’m keeping it close to me until I throw in the napkin. Sometimes me or Nick will be finished, but will sometimes dip into each others plate to taste. Sometimes there is that extra chip waiting to dip that last little bit of cheese left on the plate. You get what Im saying?

If I want my plate taken away (and sometimes I do), then I will let you know.  Taking my plate can make those left still eating feel like they are eating alone and cause them to rush while making me look like a food vacuum. 

So, please don’t take my plate. It’s rude. 


  1. That is annoying. I think they are in a hurry for you to leave so they can get more people in the restaurant!!!
    I'm the opposite of you though. I find the older I get the more things don't get to me. I'm a lot older than you though, so maybe that's why. :)

  2. I haven't gotten really annoyed YET but is is very rude and I have been surprised at the times I have been asked that and I was NOT finished. Sherry & I do the same and if at a Pizza joint and There is only a crust or two left on my plate, it is waiting for Sherry, she loves my crust scraps. LOL
    Yeah I can see it getting on someone's nerves especially if it is still 1/2 loaded with food. :(
    Love from a cool Florida

    1. Oh yes. Those pizza scraps. Im with Sherry. I love the crust!

  3. I'm with you! I tend to eat very slowly and don't like that at all. It does make you think you have to rush to eat and takes the enjoyment out of the meal!

  4. You make a very good point that it makes the other eater feel rushed. Unless it's a buffet, why do they think our plates are in our way? Do they think we want to start doing crafts at the table or something and need the table cleared?