Pregnant Onion

 Have you ever heard of a pregnant onion? Well, I have one. Just look.

See them babies in there? 

This is not really an onion but looks like an onion. It is scientifically called Albuca Bracteata also known as a Lucky Onion, Sea Onion or simply a Pregnant Onion. This plant is actually a type of succulent.

Years ago, my Mother in law had gotten me one but it did not last long. I didn’t take care of it like I should have. Now that I love plants, especially succulents, I went on a mission to find another one. 

I was unable to find one around here so I went online. Amazon to be exact. Gosh, you can find anything on Amazon now days. 

When It came in, It was in a 3 inch pot, about the size of a grape and looked weak and unhealthy. I was disappointed but it was not dead so I prepared it a better pot and gave it lots of water. The onion finally started growing and I have moved up a pot size twice now in two years. My little onion us now flourishing. It has had many babies and grown up to about six inches around.

I just put it in the sun and keep it watered a couple times a week. The tiny babies eventually break through the skin and fall off. I just noticed today that one of the seedlings is sprouting. 

Pregnant onions will also produce a stem of white flowers that will bloom in the spring. Mine has never bloomed but this week seen a flower pod standing tall above the other leaves. I was excited and can’t wait to see her bloom. .

Do you have any unique plants?


  1. That is so cool, I'm going to look for one of these plants!
    No, I have plants but nothing very unusual.

    1. If I ever get one of the little ones to grow, I send you one.

  2. You are so able to do stuff, I try, touch a plant and it usually dies. My mama had a green thumb, but she would say to me, "You love , 'em to death son!"
    Anyway I have never seen this dude before...The best to you and Brother Nick, from Florida...

  3. That's a new plant to me. I once killed a snake plant. I think I help the crown in awful plant keepers. I'm much better now!

    1. Me too! Every plant I’ve had, I’ve killed, so I get excited when I can actually write about one that’s stayed with me. Haha

  4. two things: 1) Your plant looks tidy. Do you trim back your plant to keep it small or because you had an issue with the leaves? Mine is about the same size and the leaves are at least 24" long. With only 7 leaves, it can look scrawny. 2) Mine has lots of babies, but none have ever sprouted. I've let them lay where they fall, put some in a little bed of dirt to keep a closer eye on, and I've put some perched above water in a zipper baggie. (Someone online said that is how they get theirs to sprout). None of these methods worked. Do you have a "method" to get the babies to sprout?