Jesus Take the Wheel

 Every night I pray to God to keep my daughter safe. I pray she will stay on the right path of life, find good friends, stay healthy and more. But I pray pray pray for her safety while she is out driving around. 

I am a worrying mom of an adult daughter. Does the worry ever end? 

Then we get a call from her on a quiet Saturday afternoon. She was in an accident. She rear ended the car in front of her and totaled her car. She let us know AFTER it was over and she was back at her apartment. I lost sleep that night. So many “what ifs” flying through my mind. “But I pray for her safety!” Why did God not listen? But then I had to stop and think…”she “IS” safe. She did not get hurt. She is just being grounded right now. She is walking distance from restaurants and grocery stores and she works from home so she will be fine for a while. I have faith there is a blessing in the mess. 

She just added to the fiasco. My nephew was in an accident 5 days ago where he was rear ended and hit another car causing a chain reaction. He was taken to the hospital for observation and released. My brother went to pick him up and take him home to his wife and kids. Out of no where, a deer jumps in front of his truck and damages the front end. Everyone is ok. 

Wait, theres more.

Today my younger nephew backed into his brothers car.

Between worrying about my daughter, so much going on, my naggy supervisor and the nature of my job. I finally broke down in tears on the way home. 

It’s been a day. But tomorrow will be better. I hope.


  1. Prayers for you, Mom. That has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do...let my babies leave the house. But you're right. She IS all right. My husband always tells me that it's better that young drivers have a minor accident early on so they respect how quickly things can go bad in a car. But still...the worry!!!

  2. I pray today was better than yesterday!
    At least she was alright! My daughter won't even talk to me and sends back anything I send her. She hasn't wanted anything to do with us for the last 11 years.
    I gave that worry and heartache over to God a while ago.

  3. We pray but smile also at this post. You asked a hard question, "When does the 'worry or concern' end? Not sure of that sweet lady, we are mid 80s and still put it in the Lord's hands, but it does not leave your mind.
    Glad all ended well, that in itself is a blessing today. I tell people, "Don't Worry, it will all be okay." but when it hits your own phone, you really must pray. Some of us TRY hard and believe, but must be like one in scripture, "Lord help my unbelif!"

    thinking of you guys and also will pray that YOU can find rest.
    Sherry & jack headed for Florida in the morning..

  4. I'm so sorry, my friend, for all that is going on in your life. When I was reading, I could totally relate, as a few years ago, my son got into a car accident, but his was much more detailed. I got a call that night from him and that he was in the hospital. No, the worrying never ends, when we have a child that is 4 or 40. It's a relief to hear that your daughter was not hurt, and I hope the other driver was ok as well. God does hear all our prayers, and it could have been a lot worse for my son, but He was there to protect and guide through it all. Hang in there. Sometimes life is just so hard, and you are going through that right now. You did the best thing a mom can do, and that is to pray. You're a good mom, and I can tell you have a closeness with your daughter. Sending lots of comforting thoughts to you today and love.