AI- Artificial Intelligence.

It’s blows my mind how fast things in the world have developed in just the past thirty years. How did we ever get by without a cellular phone? Now we have “Smart Phones”. We can now control everything with our finger tips. Secure our homes, watch and talk to our pets while we are away, and even turn on appliances, just to name a few. 

It is also sad how smart technology is taking over the world. Yes, It is very smart and Genius but it’s also causing problems that people do not pay attention to. 

Artificial Intelligence is takeing over jobs. Kids minds are turning into robots and imaginations are gone. Before long, they will not need to learn to drive because cars are already driving themselves. I mean, I thought cars were suppose to be flying by now. 

In just one day, I paid attention to what’s going on. We went to the grocery store, but there were no cashiers. Everyone had to check out their own groceries. Some grocery stores, you can us an app on your phone and scan your own groceries as you load them in the cart, and when your done, you just click pay and go. 

Then we went to Taco bell. Guess what, No cashiers. We had to order from a little kiosk.

 It was pretty neat but I could not help but wonder how many cashier jobs this robot took away. It took them forever to fix our order as they were too busy filling “online orders”. Was this still a fast food restaurant?

Later we went by Sams to pick up some cookies I needed for work. I look up and there is a floor cleaning machine with an empty seat and moving steering wheel. It was driving around without a driver, cleaning floors. 

It even had manners and would stop when someone walked near it and would go around those that were in it’s path. I stared a minute then looked over at Nick and said, “Did you see the invisible man?”

If we keep going at this rate, we will have artificial cooks, hair dressers, dog walkers and mechanics. I would not doubt if they already have these things. 

What are some other artificial intelligence you noticed while you were out?


  1. I think you covered it all.
    Pretty scary really!

  2. I agree with the happy one above. You did a great job. You also must be pretty danged smart to shop TAco Bell. WE tried, no one offered to help and we had #1 son along and he couldn't figure how to order for 3 people so we left, ended up at the Pizza Hut. LOL
    Never heard of the scanning as you shop. A store must rrust folks to do that. OUCH!
    Sending love from a hot Florida.
    Sherry & jack

  3. I think AI is pretty scary...but it is what it is and there is no turning back---sadly. I do love some of the benefits of smart choices but also fear what it might mean for those that come behind us. xo Diana