One Mans Junk

It was that time of year again. Twice a year, people here in the city can take their big trash to the side of the road for free pick up. It’s called road side pick up. Call me frugal or call me trashy, I don’t care, but I look forward to this. 

Nick asked me if I would like to go for a walk. “Road side pick up is in the morning so people will be setting there junk out today” he said. I threw on my tshirt, shorts and walking shoes and we headed out. The temperatures were in the 70’s and it was nice. 

As we walked around the neighborhood, we didn’t see a lot of junk. I usually look for small tables, stools and planters. Last year I found a vintage step stool that I refurbished. You can see it HERE.

As our walked continued, we were two blocks away when I got excited. “Oh this girl is fixin to have a patio swing!”. That’s right. Someone threw out an almost perfectly new swing. The only thing we saw wrong was that the awning was missing. We looked it over. “Oh I want it”, I said. Nick replied, “You do not need that”. We continued our walk. While I pouted, he tried to talk me out of wanting it. “Where would you put it?” He did not want to have to always cut around it when he did yard work. I had already planned to put it on the small patio out back. “What if it don’t fit the patio?”, he said.  I replied, “We can try it on the patio and if it don’t fit, I can either put back out on the side of the road or asked the next door neighbor if she wants it”. 

Nothing else was said and we finished our walk. Once we got back to the house, he told me to grab his truck keys. My pout turned into a big grin. We drove back down to where the swing was. I was afraid it would be gone because thirty minutes had passed and the metal salvage truck was stalking the neighborhood. The swing was still there. We looked it over again one more time and I helped him put it in the back of the truck. I jolly rode all the way back. 

Guess what. 

It fit the patio. I took off the cushions and gave them a good wash and scrub in the bath tub. They were in great shape and cleaned up well. 

I am so happy to have a swing. And a free one at that!. 
Now all I need to do is pressure was the patio, add some plants and I will be all set. 

“One mans junk is this girls treasure”


  1. OH my gosh I love your find! I just knew he'd break down and let you get it! What a treasure! Wish they had that 'big trash day' here where we are I'll bet you've found some great things!

  2. Awesome find! You will really enjoy that! 😀

  3. It looks perfect! I love finding things for free! We have a nearby city where people put things on the curb and it's fun to "shop" the streets :)

  4. We would grab that in a minute. We love swings and would love to have one on our back deck. If you get tired of it, give us a yell and we will come get it if we haven't found our own by then. ;-) Swings have been a big part of our lives. Sherry's family did ot have a porch swing on the Mill Hill, but many folks did and there always seemed to be visitors at those places. LOL And yes some junk is a treasure...
    Sherry & jack enjoying the sun here in Florida..
    PS: YEP the scrappers do love junk day, metal disappears in minutes...

  5. Oh I am glad you got your swing. It looks great there.
    I love finding old things that others throw away.