Tuesday 4- Summer Time and the Living is Easy?

 Welcome to Tuesday 4- A fun question post continued in the memory of Toni Tadeo, It’s original author. 

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Now, Let’s have som fun.

Todays Subject: Summer time living.

1. What do you like to do in the summer?

I like to spend time outside in the Summer. I love the warm sunshine and the smell of fresh cut grass. I also like to plant things such as flowers or a small garden. We also like going to the beach which is 4 hours away. We go every chance we get. We have a camper stored in the campground we go too. When we arrive, they will have it setting on an ocean front lot ready to enjoy. 

2. What is your favorite summertime food or beverage?

 Being a southern girl, nothing beats a nice glass of sweet iced tea with a home grown tomato sandwich. 

3. How do you beat the heat?

Heat does not bother me. I love the warmth as I am always cold. However, If I do get too hot, I can just go inside to the air condition but a shady spot and gentle breeze is all I need to cool down. I would love to have swimming pool as an option. 

4. What do you really like about the summer season?

I like wearing summer clothes. I like to wear cute sundresses and light weight shirts. I also like to bird watch. During the summer you see more birds eating from the feeders and bathing in the bird baths. 

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Happy Left Handers Day

Today is International Lefties Day! I'm excited we backwards people get a special day just for us. We deserve it.

Growing up, being left handed has always been a struggle. Normal activities become a challenge. Just imagine growing up doing every thing backwards. I have a brother, and a couple cousins that are left handed too.
Here are just a few things I have struggled with and had to learn backwards at one time or another.
All lefties will agree.
  • Everyone that tried to teach me to tie my shoe was right handed. Took me forever to learn this task.
  • School desk were always made for right hands therefor I never had that comfortable arm rest when I had to write all those repeated sentences.
  • speaking of writing, my hand would drag across the writing making a nice charcoal stain down the side and up to my wrist.
  • During art and craft time, the teachers would ignore me as in gave up on me because it was no use. 
  • Spiral notebooks, the spiral thing was always an interference while trying to write.
  • Cursive writing never looked right. This was invented by a right handed person for sure.
  • No camera has the snap button on the left side. This has been awkward at some point.
  • Cutting up food freaks everyone else out.
  • Most crochet instructional videos are right handed so I learn every new stitch backwards.
  • Have to wear a watch on the right hand just so it doesn't get scratched up.
  • I have to put my computer mouse on the left side of the key board. 
  • Everyone and I mean everyone will see you do something and say "are you left handed?"

Fortunately, my daughter is also left handed, so yep, I taught her everything just fine. I know that was Gods plan.

Next time you watch TV, count the actors that are left handed. You may be surprised at how many.