Tuesday 4- Let’s Talk About September

Welcome to Tuesday 4- A fun question post continued in the memory of Toni Tadeo, It’s original author. 

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Now, Let’s have some fun.

1. When you were in school or university, did you look forward to returning? Why or Why not?

I would be excited for the first couple days. It was fun to meet the teachers and see friends you didn’t see over the summer. After a about a week, I was done. I hated school and did not excel very well. I really struggled through school. I also have a fear of humiliation hence why I do not do well getting up in front of people. I would have rather taken a zero than to get up in front of class and speak or do an oral book report. So, no, I did not look forward to it. 

2. September has Labor Day, which, for many is the signal of Summer’s end and Fall’s grand entrance. Do you celebrate Labor Day in any way or is it just a day off for you?

Until a year ago, I never had a job that allowed me to have Labor Day off. I enjoyed this Labor Day off. My husband had the day off too. We spent it looking around antique shops and thrift stores then we stopped for some Ice cream. It was a rainy day but we made the best of it. We ended the day by grilling out steaks and watching some football. 

3. September's birthstone is the Sapphire which is 2nd only to a diamond in hardness. (Ruby is a red sapphire by the way) It comes in many colors.  Do you know your birthstone and do you like it?

My daughter’s birthstone is Sapphire. I think it’s a beautiful gem. I was born in May. My birthstone is “Emerald”. I do not own anything with my birthstone attached. Green is not a color I like but I do like a shiny genuine Emerald. 

4. September's birth flower is the Astor. What is yours ?

My birth flower is “Lily of the Valley”. Being a minimalist, this type of flower would be something I would love displayed in a vase at home.

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Propagation Station

Can you believe it’s already the September? Where does time go? I love Fall, but then comes Winter. I am not a fan of the cold but I guess it’s not that bad. It gives me a reason to bring out the cuddly blankets and cute boots. The days will seem shorter, meaning it will be almost dark when I go to work and when I come home from work. I guess I’ll be doing my exercises more indoors now. 

Now for my latest project…..
This Summer, I have enjoyed collecting a few plants. Now that I have a office cube, I have my own space with a whole window wall. I do not have a sunny window at home so I never really bought plants but now I do since I have a place to put them. I only have a few but they are thriving.  I want to start rooting some of them and start some new plants to repot in the spring. 

After searching around, I saw that there are such things as a propagation station. Decorative clusters of small jars of water to place a piece of plant in so you can get it to root. Once rooted, you plant them in soil. I always just used a baby food jar or small vase. Those were boring and did not look good sitting around. 

So, I came up with a cute idea of using macrame to create this hanging propagation station. I have seen these on line but could no find out how to make them so I used my own imagination and come up with this simple design. 

I am still new at macrame but I would love to learn more. This little propagation station was super simple and only used two types of knots to create a cute wall hanging piece. If you are interested in one of these, it will cost you 15.00 each plus free shipping as long as it’s in the USA. This basically just pays for the supplies, packaging and me a cup of coffee. Just let me know by sending me an email or leave your email in comments and I’ll contact you.

Now, If you would want to make your own, here is what I used:

4mm macrame yarn.
1.5 wooden ring.
2 small glass bottles.
1 wooden bead (optional).

With two strands of yarn, cast on two larks head knots
Now you will have four strands of yarn hanging down.
With the four strands, make 10 square knots.
Place a 3-4 inch piece of yarn and make a square knot around it. (This will tie your bottle on).
Make 14 square knots.
Place a 3-4 inch piece of yarn and make a square knot around it.
Make 12 square knots.
Add bead (optional).
Tie a knot at the end and trim off the yarn to make your tassel.
Last, tie on your little glass bottles. 

You can make it as long or short as you want by just subtracting or adding more knots and ties.