MorningWood Bracelets

I have always been a resourceful person who thinks it is important to come up with ideas that use things we already have. I feel like there is a lot of waste in the world and people take for granted the useful things we throw away every day. This is also why I believe in shopping small businesses. They have a dream and a focus to create useful things people want or need. This is what keeps the world going around and people grateful. 

I discovered a small business that uses donated scrap wood to make hand carved bracelets. Morning wood bracelets are family owned and operated right here in the USA since 2017. Their business began by accident when they hand carved a piece of jewelry for a friend and people fell in love with it. 

Each bracelet is carved by hand using recycled wooden materials. They do not use any paints or dyes in their art. The natural colors in the wood they use paint the story. Each design is unique and no two pieces are the same. I was excited to receive two Morningwood bracelets in the mail. Every bracelet comes with a handwritten note by the creator that lets you know what kind of wood was used to create your bracelet. This adds a special personal touch. 

I received a starfish made from reclaimed Maple.

I also received a little “ILY” hand sign made from a recycled skateboard. The wood on a skateboard is layered with different colors that bring out all the colors for the charm. 

Morningwood bracelets remind me of why I love shopping small businesses. They appreciate your business and find ways to give back. 
10% of their sales go to charities from helping families in need to disaster relief. How cool is that? Someone gives them scrap materials, they make it, you buy it, they give away portions to help others and you have a cool piece of handmade art to wear. 

You should go check them out at You will be amazed at the delicate craftsmanship put into each piece. If you have Instagram, you can find them at @moringwoodbracelets where you might see videos of the bracelets in the making.
I love wearing my new bracelets and they are a fun conversation piece. I would love to know which design you like best. Check out their website and come back here and comment which one you like most. But let me warn you, the decision will be hard. 

Facebook: Morningwoodbracelets

I Got It

Yep It finally hit my household. Covid.

I can no longer say I have never caught the virus. Non vaccinated and unmasked for over two years and me and my husband have both been lucky not got to get sick. I have been around people with the virus many times and still, no sickness. 
But now it’s my time. 

My husband brought it home from his job. 
He worked beside another employee who had a nasty cough and did not cover her mouth when she coughed. It went on all day.
Two days later he began to run a fever and had a deep chest cough. He took a home test and was positive. Two days after that, I woke up in the morning mad. I felt like a truck had hit me and I was running a fever. I stormed into the kitchen looking for another covid test. I knew I had it. I called the doctor to get it confirmed and get some meds started. He put us both on antibiotics and a Covid medicine called “Paxlovid”. 

That employee? She ended up testing positive for covid she has also had all her vaccines. 

Luckily, we did not get a bad case of it. But again, what is a good case? Either way, it’s nasty, and painful. Here is how my covid experience went for those that wonder what it was like for me. My husbands symptoms were mostly the same as mine. 

Day one: Woke up feeling like I had the flu. Running a fever off and on all day. Weak and foggy headed. 
Day two: Woke up feeling fine. Like nothing ever happened. No fever. But can feel a tickle in my chest like something was in there. 
Day three: Still feeling ok. But whatever is in my chest now wants out. I try to cough but its not working. My chest now hurts like I have chest cold.
My legs keep drawing up with cramps. My arms muscles feel like noodles. They are weak. 
Day four: Still ok with all the same symptoms as yesterday. Nothing worst. I think I am now on the downside. 
Day five: Getting stronger. Chest still hurts but phlegm is finally coughing up. I took my last dose of that nasty medicine tonight. Learned that all of my cramps and icky feeling the past couple days are side effects of the medicine.

I’m suppose to go back to work tomorrow but I asked for one more day out of the office. I want to make sure these side effects are gone before I return which also included some lightheadedness. I do have the privilege of working from home so I only lost a few hours work on the first day of sickness. 

Did this change my mind about the vaccine? Nope. Still will not do it. 
Did this change my mind about wearing a mask? Not really. I feel like if you have a cough, you should wear it around people so you don’t cough on them and spread germs. But I am not convinced it protects against getting Covid. 
I just give my healthy immune system and God all the thanks.