Air Fried Kiwi Chips

I’m typing this post as I ride shotgun toward the coast. I worked a few hours then my chariot arrived and swept me away for a long weekend getaway. 

I wanted to share with you something new I tried. Do you like Kiwi fruit? I’m not a big fan but I tried this little trick and it was actually pretty good. 


I started out with a couple clean scrubbed Kiwis. 
They feel like suede and I don’t like the fuzzy texture. So I scrubbed them really good. 
It did not help the texture but it eased my mind a little. 

Then I sliced the Kiwi thin and placed them in a single layer in the air fryer at 320 degrees for 8 minutes. 
No need to add any other flavors, oils or spices to them as they will have a bold taste alone. 
Note: I left the skin on (optional).

They turned out nice and crispy. Surprisingly the Kiwi skin was not tough nor did it feel fuzzy Ha. The cooked Kiwi had a unique taste. It’s hard to explain. I guess you can say it tasted somewhat like a baked apple but was very tart. 

Will I make them again? Probably. Because it is a healthy cheap snack and the sour bite curbs my appetite. 

Here are some health benefits in these little prickly fruits.
-Vitamin A which is good for the eyes.
-Regulates the digestive system and helps block E Coli bacteria.
-Vitamin E and Antioxidants that improves skin.
-Controls Diabetes.
-Rich in Potassium and polyphenols that improve heart health.
-Boost Immune system.
-Improves Iron absorption.

Do you like Kiwi? 
What is one of your favorite fruits? I am more of a melon eater than a fruit eater but I love pineapple. 


  1. Never been a fan of the Kiwi, but that does look appetizing. It is a very big fruit here in Florida, but it not commercially grown here. I think more in California and the Far east. One day I must give this a try... You do make food look good, that is dangerous!! LOL ;-)
    PS: WE B headed North....

  2. I'm not sure if I'm a fan of Kiwi. My son in law loves them. This looks like I might would like what you've made. Have a great weekend! I know you will!

  3. I haven't had any kiwi since last summer. I will have to give this a try.
    What app do you use on your ipad to write out your blog post Lisa? It makes it easy that way to work on doing a blog post instead of doing one on the computer.
    I hope you enjoy the weekend Lisa.

  4. Not a fruit I like. Favorites are strawberries, watermelon, pineapple, and crisp apples!

  5. I do like kiwi and I may just give this a try! There is not a fruit I don't like!!