Mothers Day 30

I hope everyone had a happy Mothers Day. This post is a day late because thats a reflection of about how my blogging has been goin lately. I really do hope to get better. Life has just been busy for me and I have fell into a rut thinking I can’t blog. Thinking it’s useless. I mean, who really cares about what I write. Everyone elses blog post are so much better. Blah blah blah. You know that feeling. I’m sure I’m not alone. 

Anyway, on to Mothers Day. 

Again, I hope everyone had a happy Mothers Day. Everyone is either a Mother or has a Mother either here or there. I love honoring my Mother. I need to do it more and not just on Mothers day. She is the best. She worked hard to raise us four kids.  She was tough. I know, because I was there. I am so glad that God chose her to me my Mom. She made sure we were always in church and school. 
She is also one of the best seamstresses and dumpling maker you will ever meet. 
I love her. 

For me. This was my 30th Mothers Day. 
My daughter came home for the weekend. She surprised me with a couple gifts and then we went out to breakfast before we headed to church. We ate at a little place in town called Eggs Up Grill. This was my 2nd time there. She wanted to give it a try. The have a big variety of plates on the menu. 

We started off with Cappuccinos. She had the vanilla and I have the vanilla praline.  

For breakfast, I ordered the waffle sandwich. It was a half of waffle stuffed with egg, cheese and bacon.

It also came with a side of home fries witch is basically hash Browns cut thick. We finished just in time to run back to the house to brush our teeth and head on to church. My house is a little over a mile from my church. 

After church we had a lite bite at the house and then went out for doughnuts. 
We ended the day with all of my family taking Mom out to supper. We had a good time. 


  1. Sounds like the perfect Mother's Day to me! You are a wonderful blogger! You share so many wonderful things and I enjoy it so much.

  2. We always enjoy your blog. I had to think of mama's dumplings as I read this, mama made the BEST also. LOL We love to read about you and your daughter and the close relationship you have. I think of Sherry & her mom every time I read about you guys. You have me curious now, do you attend Flint Groves? That just came out of the blue because we know some who attended there. Anyway I am sure you enjoyed YOUR day. Love from Florida ;-)

  3. Sounds like a perfectly lovely Mother's Day and also Happy Birthday. Mine is at the end of the month.
    I think a lot of us feel like you do about our blogs at times. I enjoy yours! : )

  4. I always find your blog entertaining. Stop overthinking. :)
    And Happy Mother's Day to you and your mom.