These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Well it’s now three days after Christmas and I am just getting around to blogging. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. My favorite time was Christmas morning when I could slow down a couple hours and enjoy a cup of coffee and homemade sausage balls. 

After a couple hours of quiet time, my twenty nine year old daughter came running into the living room to see what Santa had brought. He indeed stopped by. She got almost everything she asked for. She also surprised me and Nick with a few gifts. She got me some little things she knew I had been wanting. 

Here are a few of my favorite things.

Turkish beach towel. These towels are thin and soft. They are absorbent and light. Turkish towels can also be used for a light blanket or scarf.  
I have also been wanting some silicone cupcake liners. I got both.

There was a sweater I seen on the internet that I had my eye on and she managed to get the exact sweater I wanted.


She also got me some slippers, make up brushes and make up. I was happy but all I really wanted and needed was her just being here at home with me.

Her boyfriend got me this nice oil defuser. I love it and it is so relaxing. 

Something else I got for Christmas was a future new Sister in Law. My brother in law preposed to his girlfriend on Christmas Morning. I have only met her a couple of times when I visited the beach this past Summer. She is a sweet girl and I wish them the best. 

Later my Mom and Dad stopped in for a visit and then we headed off to Nicks other brothers house for Christmas Dinner and watched some of the little ones play and open gifts. 

I even snuggled my Nephews bearded dragon. I think it liked me and I’m showing some guts here. I’d much rather be snuggling a puppy. 

I slept late on Sunday and that was nice except I missed church. Then my daughter left to go back to her place and I spent the rest of the day taking down Christmas decorations and cleaning the house. 

This coming weekend will be busy again. I will be doing my traditional New years dinner. Boy I’m tired!

What are some of the special moments you had this Christmas? 


  1. My very best moments were visiting with my sister, Deanie. She’s been diagnosed with dementia but I was right there with her on recalling our words! We spent a glorious hour together outside on her deck. Seeing my brother was another highlight! He’s been in the hospital and almost died....
    And on Christmas Eve I saw three of my four children in person and 7 of my 8 grands! It’s been a Christmas to remember!
    Loved seeing your special moments!

    1. I love this!!! What a special time you had.

  2. Enjoyed the visit. Lover you and the Bearded Dragon. SWEET. Yeh, I know I pet cats but would prefer dogs. LOL Glad you guys had a great and busy Christmas. Those busy days are gone for us, now our special time is just the two of us, and we used your advise on the air-fryer and cooked a great 5 lb hen for us. That was our special time.
    Happy New year and yep, try to relax a little.
    Sherry & jack Stay warm and safe.

  3. Sounds like a most enjoyable Christmas for you.
    It was just Ken and I and we don't do presents but we had a very nice day.

  4. Oh, you did have a wonderful Christmas! I'm so glad you had great times with family. I love your gifts too!
    We spent some time with family too and it sure was great. The little ones were so excited and frankly we older ones were too! It was just so great to be with them especially this year!
    I then went to my daughter's house and spent two days doing absolutely nothing but being pampered by them. That is different but I so needed the rest and did enjoy it.