Worked Seven Slept Eleven

Yes you read the title right. “Worked”. 

I have not found a full time office job YET. But I have not given up looking. I still apply every day to something new that pops up that I think I qualify for, but still no luck. I have gotten some interviews but that’s all I have gotten so far.

SO, me and my husband was offered a part time seasonal job a Belks. We are working in fulfillment. Our first day was Yesterday. This is only temporary and will give us something to do besides watching reruns of “Rosanne” all day. 
I worked seven hours. It was actually fun. I had to go around and find items sold from online orders, then take them to packing and shipping. I felt like one of Santas elves. 
As the holidays get closer, we will be working more hours. We are only going to get in 15 hours this week. 

When I came in from working, I ate supper, took a shower, caught up on my emails and checked to see if any new jobs openings came available. Then once I leaned back into the recliner, I was out like a fat kid in dodgeball. Nick woke me up around 11:30 to go to bed and I slept a total of 11 hours. 

During breakfast, he started snickering and said “looks like your gonna need a day off between every days work”.  I had to remind him that I have not worked on my feet in over 28 years. All I have ever done was sit behind a desk. Also I had taken a dizzy pill during my work day because I was light headed and was afraid I would have a vertigo attack, and that would be embarrassing. I did fine. However, those pills make me drowsy. I have to remember that next time. 

I’m pretty excited to go back and do some more laboring...haha. I like fast pace and keeping busy. I can get my exercise in and since it’s practically like shopping for other people, I get some retail therapy. I will be working mostly weekends and on Thanksgiving day. This makes me really sad. I have never spent a holiday away from my daughter. I have moments were I feel down on myself. I want to better myself. I do not want to work for a department store. I worked at the same store when I was right out of high school, at almost the same pay! But again, it’s something to keep me going until I find a real job. 

Please keep me in your prayers that I will find a full time office position soon. 
Until then.....I will be helping Santa get those gifts out in time for Christmas! 


  1. Always praying for you friend! But I think the holiday gig sounds kind of fun for now! I know you’ll make the most of it and I hope you have a sweet weekend!

  2. Now lady, we enjoyed this one. You made it a fun read as well as giving a good feeling. Glad you are an Elf. I can just imagine how ired you must be, but I think that would be fun filling orders. Of course I am the one usually ORDERING, my girl said.
    Love you guys, hugs to Brother Nick.
    Sherry & jack in Florida watching the birds.

  3. I believe you! Being on your feet all day is very tiring. I've always worked in an office too. Back when my daughters were young and I needed more money, I got a part time job in a department store. Left the office at five and worked at the dept. store from five thirty until closing. It didn't last very long. Hope you have nice weekend.

  4. Congratulations!! You are making progress! Continued prayers for you, Lisa, every single day!!

  5. Sounds great till something better comes along. You won't have to go for a walk anymore, you get all the exercise at work. :)

  6. Lisa, Be safe on your new job. That's kind of tricky . Oh being on your feet for your whole shift is a tough way to work. Blessings to you and good luck finding a nice job you will love honey. xoxo, Susie

  7. This summer I worked an awful job, but I saw it like you are...a means to an end to find something better. I worked for three months and then the perfect job landed in my lap. I'll pray the same happens for you.