Who has never been to Disney world? This girl!!! That’s who! I will probably never go during the rest of my life. My husband has no intensions of us ever going and I’m not driving eight hours away without him. So thats that. But honestly, I really don’t care about going. Disney has never really been my thing though I used to love Mickey Mouse as a teenager. I grew out of that phase. 

I speak of Disney World because my daughter will be going again for her 3rd time. This time will be different for her. She is a glamor girl and likes the fancy hotels but this time she has decided to rent a camper on a campground at the Disney park. I guess we put the camping life in her blood somehow through the years. I think she will enjoy it. 

I decided to give her a couple little things she can use on her Disney Camping trip. One thing I think she can use will be some clothespins. There is a little story about hanging clothes on the line that Nick enjoys telling people. When he took me on my first ever camping trip to the beach, I was not so sure about it. As we drove through the campground to our destination, I was looking at campsites and said “There is no way I’m hanging my clothes on the lines like these other people are doing”.  Before the day was over, I was hanging towels on the line. I fit in and adapted just fine and love the camping life now. 

Ok let me get back to the clothespins. I purchased a pack of the short bamboo clothespins and got a little crafty. You know I had to add a little Mom touch. I painted her a few sets of Disney themed clothespins. 

These clothespins can be used for hanging clothes or used as chip clips. They really do make the best bag clips. I have several in my kitchen.

Each one is hand painted with acrylic paint and then sprayed with varnish for the final finish. The varnish will keep them from fading or staining. I had a lot of fun painting these and she seemed excited about taking them with her. A little part of me goes with her everywhere.

This would be a great project you can do with your kids. If you do not have varnish, you can use modpodge. A bag of clothespins in most stores are no more than a dollar and the paint is only 50 cent each at walmart. It’s the love and time put into painting them that makes them priceless. 

If you would like to purchase a set you can also visit my Etsy shop.


  1. What cute clothespins! I've never been to Disney World either, but I want to go! Have a safe Labor Day weekend!

  2. I'm another one who has never been to Disney World!
    Cute clothes pins. The ones I use are stainless steel with a terrific grip! Great even on windy days!!!

  3. love the mom touch on the clothespins. i've only been to disney once, years and years ago. too many lines to wait endlessly in. and the prices are very steep for food and everything else. definitely not a destination in my future.

  4. WE went to Disney in Florida when it first opened. We took the kids, we lived in Key West at the time. That is not my 'thing'. We did take the kids to several 'Theme Parks' but that was for them.
    Love the clothespins. Good stuff. I will be reading until I get thru this "Not responding and just sitting looking at a blank screen," probably about a week to get a new computer probably in Florida.
    Sherry & jack over in Bell town.

  5. My Mom had the clip and the old fashioned ones when we were kids to hand out the laundry and it worked well. Her challenge was clothespins make great crafts and we were constantly stealing them to make them into dolls and other creations.

  6. Your clothespins are adorable. Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's!

  7. How funny I stopped to read this post - because I've never gone to Disney either (nor ever intend to... out of our financial reach anyway) and I've painted tons of clothespins! I recently made some Minions for the grandkids lol! I started years ago because I use clothespins for bags and such in the kitchen and one day decided to "pretty them up." Now those sit in a bowl where I can grab one when needed. Blessings!