When you Lose a Blogger Friend

I get on my blog every day to catch up on new post from other bloggers.
The blogging world is pretty cool as I have made a lot of special friends through blogging. Some of the bloggers I follow, I feel very close to.

Bloggers express a lot about themselves. They will write about their jobs, family, and hobbies. They will talk about trips they have taken, foods they have eaten and share photos of what their eyes focus on in a particular hour. 
We watch as their families grow and what new adventures they take.
You know what they did yesterday, today and sometimes tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes for some. 

One of the dear bloggers that I follow wrote his last post on Wednesday the 15th. He mentioned being under the weather but still took his dog Hook for a walk and shared a glimpse of Hook through a photo. 
Then some time between that post and my morning coffee, he passed away. 

When you lose a blogger friend it leaves a little empty feeling in your day. Your left with lots of questions as they can no longer write telling you whats going on in their life. They just, go. You will never hear from them again (unless they have scheduled post). 

I will remember him as a great writer, singer and songwriter. I own one of his books and enjoyed reading it as I sat one day on the beach.
He adored his wife and mentioned her in almost every single post. They were adorable together and I loved hearing about their singing gigs, fun with the kids, walks, tea time and chicken coops. 
I also was intrigued by the stories of his bee hives and look forward to the education he shared as a new bee keeper.

will be missed my many.
Though we never met, the friendship was still there.
Please keep his wife and family in your prayers. 


  1. I so sorry to hear that your blog friend passed away.

  2. Lisa, When you left me word of Rick's passing, I did not know it was the cute Lisa I blog with. I read the article of Rick's life. He was special. I am like the wind has been knocked out of me. I hate to read of our blog friends' passing or their families. Thank you for thinking of me. Please take care of yourself, stay safe. Blessings to you and yours, xoxo, Susie

  3. It's always such a shock to lose someone. I still grieve for Vee and BJ in losing their husbands. I did not know Rick Watson but I can see he was deeply loved my many....I am so sorry....

  4. Lisa, thanks so much for the e-mail, what a shock. Now thanks again for the lead to the article. We appreciate it. Yes losing a blogger friend does hit you hard.
    Very good post.
    Sherry & jack

  5. Hi Lisa, I'm sorry for the loss of your blogger friend. Hugs

  6. That is sad Julie! I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Amanda x

  7. Thank you for letting me know.
    He will be sorely missed - world-wide.

  8. Beautiful tribute, Lisa! Our old world's a little poorer today ..... but I feel a little richer simply for having known him. (Even if it was just on-line.)

  9. Hi Lisa, you don't know me but I follow Rick and Jilda's blogs and was so shocked to hear about his passing. Thank you for the link to the obit and wonderful tribute to him. I will miss his southern charm in his writing and all his knowledge he passed along to us through his blog. My heart goes out to Jilda and to his family.

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