Too Much News

I remember when we only had a few channels on the TV. There were a lot of family shows that seemed to be timed for when children were at home the most. For example, early mornings were the times when they showed a lot of learning shows such as Captain Kangaroo and Sesame Street. On Saturday mornings everyone would sit down in the living room floor and enjoy cartoons. 
That was always a treat for us. 

Midday while the kids were napping or in school is when the soap operas would come on for the stay-at-home moms to enjoy and have something to talk about with their friends. We as kids were not allowed to watch the soap operas as they had some bad words and Adult content. 
Now just look at what they watch.  

Afternoons were mostly family friendly shows like Andy Griffith, Gilligan's Island, Leave it to Beaver, and Happy Days. Night time was the only time you watched the news and that was usually after the kids were in bed. At 11:00 pm, the TV would just go to a blank screen. 
My oh my how TV has changed. 

Now days when we turn on the TV, the first thing we see is news. The news is on 24/7 and it’s not good news either. We can not go anywhere without hearing negative news. We turn on our computers and nothing but chaos. They could report bitter news and just go to something else, but no, they will talk about the same thing over and over. They bring in different people to share their views on a topic. They make it an all day thing and people are hooked like zombies on a hotdog (I don’t know where that just come from but I'm leaving it).

Now people want to be in the news. They are always looking to do something bad so that they will be noticed and be put on every channel and social media page they can. BECAUSE, they want attention. The worst news brings the most attention and viewer reviews.
In my opinion, Stop the cameras and the rowdy crowds will slow down.

I think they show “To Much News”. They show the worst scenes in a town and people have a hunger to keep seeing it. It’s sad. It’s a sickness. The news will cause you to be in a bad mood, brings on anxiety, loss of rest, madness and bitterness. The world is not at peace. Do you really think people want to live in a world full of hatred, trashed out towns, and violence? I do not think so, but they do want to be on the news and will do whatever it takes to do so. 

If you turn off the negative news and stop following negative stories on social media for a few days, you will feel a sense of relief. Your mood will be better and your home will be happy. 

The world needs less news and more Andy and Barney. 


  1. Hi Lisa, Ted and I watch The Walton reruns of old. It's simpler times and easier on the nerves. I used to watch Dr. Phil, but everyone was angry and ridiculous....that's when we watched Waltons...then I watch Mayberry. I love to find Leave It To Beaver reruns. Oh those beautiful simple days. I am sick of news. People need to get back to work so they won't be so angry.Or have time for it. Plus if they are out without masks on the streets tearing up their towns, why not just go back to work. Sorry, my nerves are pretty much shot. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. I miss the good old days of TV among other things from those days. Until this pandemic hit I had been anti news for many years and now I'm glued to it all day every day. It's so depressing! Have a great Sunday evening and a fantastic week ahead :)

  3. So very true!!! Doom and gloom is all we seem to get on the news and yes TV can be very addictive.Why is it that some people believe that what they see on the TV is the truth and nothing but the truth!! I switch off much more than I used to nowadays. What about the advertising then...I am convinced they are conditioning us!! I prefer to watch a decent film (preferably historical)or a Sc Fi/Fantasy TV series...they are so far fetched that the plot just can't be true..!! Stay safe Amanda :-)

  4. I have said many times we honestly do not watch TV. I think I might see 2 hours a year if you count MC D's and the Pizza hut.
    But that doesn't alter things much, because I am on this computer a lot and see the BAD news enough.
    ANYWAY you are spot on, and the graphic is right, the TV has altered minds and life.
    Love you and the best to you and Nick on your side of the Red
    South Fork.
    Sherry & jack

  5. It's why we don't even have TV anymore!!!
    Only watch DVDs now.

  6. That's another reason I love being in the country! No TV!