New Normal?

“Welcome to the new normal” or “Be prepared for the new normal”.
I am hearing that a lot lately and I’m not on board. 
Maybe I don’t want a “new normal.”
When I hear that phrase, it makes me think people are accepting the way things are right now and willing to just live with it. 
I don’t think we should give up so easy.
Not that I liked the “old normal”, I mean, that didn’t really work for me either. 
Why can’t we strive to make a “better normal?” 
Who wants to wear an unnecessary mask everywhere they go? (Don’t get me started on that!) 
Who wants to have to worry about where their next dollar is coming from?
We need a better normal or just go back to how things were. I don’t know.
But I refuse to make this mess we are going through right now a “new normal”.

It sucks.


  1. I'm with you on this. I do not like the term either, and yes it does sound like someone thinks this 'pandemic' is here to stat? is it? Not on your life. We have some good smart folk who will find the answer to the Coronavirus. Either a cure, vaccine or it will disappear as a pandemic and stick around like the common cold to rise it's head at times.
    The rest of us will have to live by common sense until then and after.
    BUT a NEW NORM it ain't a bad term, but I see nothering in the future that will stop us from the old hugs I used to get from some wonderful folk or going to a fish camp or Hill Billy BBQ! ;-)
    Love from up in Lenoir and seeing the sun today! NICE
    Sherry & jack

  2. I’m in the at risk group and both Jilda and I wear a mask when we are around others.
    Whether I like it or not, I believe this virus has changed the world.
    There are many people here who think the precautions are unnecessary, but our numbers here are increasing dramatically. While most people get through it, we have one friend who did not.

    1. It is real and it is serious but I don”t think we have to let it change the world.

  3. I am so with you! I wrote about that when I wrote about things to learn from this. It sounds too permanen, The New Normal. No thanks!
    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend
    jess xx

  4. I'm with you Lisa. Do you have any friends that are trustworthy healthcare workers.....what do they say? I continuously worry about asymptomatic transmissions. Am I being paranoid?

    -sassy girl

    1. My sister is a front line nurse and terrified of bringing this virus home. The effects can be brutal, and even survivors can have long-term effects, such as blood-clotting issues. Google "Covid toe" and see what is happening to child survivors getting blood clots in their big toes. The issue is real, and in many parts of the country, the incidence of infections is growing because they were exposed later than the travel hubs of New York and LA. e careful out there. Wear your masks to protect others.

  5. I'm with you and agree with every single thing you said. I too feel that way and won't sit back and think of things in the way some want us to do! Happy new improved normal to you and all of us.
    We will be cautious but not to the point of crazy. I have family members going back to work and even that will be weird...hey all we can do is the best we can and carry on. Hope, prayer and action. We'll make it better I do believe!

  6. I'm in 2 high-risk groups, and my wife is in 3. It does us no good if we are the only people wearing face masks. DOn't get me wrong, we don't like wearing them, but it protects others, and THAT is the reason for continuing to wear them. Your personal comfort is secondary to that overriding purpose for the facemasks. We all wear shirts and shoes to get service. Facemasks are no different. They are there to promote a safe environment in the indoors. The clerks and workers at a store are the ones who will benefit most from a customer wearing a mask. They need to breathe that air for hours, whereas yoiu will leave in minutes. A facemask is a measure of filtration, however imperfect to reduce the viral load on those "trapped" workers.

    I don't really mind the terminology of the "new normal." Our lives will be changed for years, and probably will bring about new habits, like not shaking hands (a medieval custom to shake a weapon from a stranger's sleeve!) We are not going back to spending like we used to, and a LOT of businesses will be bankrupted due to being closed so long. Many businesses, like movie theaters were operating in the margins to begin with, so a long period of closure will almost certainly kill off their business as they continue paying rent and utilities on their theater space. Drive-on movies are making a comeback, on the other hand. So new business ideas, or rehashing old business ideas in light of a new situation is going to happen. Businesses that cannot deliver goods online are going to suffer over their competitors who CAN deliver online. We will need to make adjustments, and until a vaccine is approved and widely disseminated, I can't see a return to things as they were. That's not all bad. If we pull together, we can help each other out. If we wear masks, more people will survive. If we take the vaccine when it is developed, we can become immune to the current strain of this virus, but it will take time and change. Hopefully we will grow into a stronger country. Time will tell.

    1. I personally think some people hope for a new normal. They enjoy this change. The like wearing mask and being controlled. I think a lot of this is ridiculous but we are all different.

    2. Of course, I am in a crowded region, so masks will have a greater impact here than in other communities. I have been reading about rural communities where the strict lockdown does not make sense since there is only one known Covid-19 case in the region. I think that restrictions should be controlled locally. Its an enormous country, and New York is seeing declining infections, and Atlanta is seeing climbing infections, and most of North Dakota is seeing almost no infections. Each should be able to handle their restrictions based on the local needs. Of course that means testing and contact tracing to keep on top of it before the local health care system becomes overwhelmed, should things spread.

  7. It takes more times to get "new normal".... I agree with your thought.

    # Stay safe, healthy and virus free

  8. This is the first pandemic in your lifetime and mine. Maybe some research on the flu epidemic of 1918 is in order. There maybe a component of denial or at least "washing your hands, physical distancing and wear a mask" are just simple or silly to be effective. Reading Geekat large had all the answers as much as we might not like or agree with them. Seek some health professional answers or read the CDC website. I don't know the virus statistics in your area. I read my restaurant inspections in my local area before the virus and am very picky as to where I go to eat. I will certainly do the same in the future. If you are or not in the risk group, why take the chance of getting this virus. Why take the chance of getting the flu in the fall? Who wants to be sick anyway.