Wild Life Friends

We are now back home from our recent beach trip. We cut the trip short due to a couple concerns. This pandemic going around has put the whole state on “stay in” order. This means to limit time away from the house. We were fine down at the coast in our own little camper with no contact with other people while we enjoyed a nice relaxing time at the campground and on the beach. Back here at home we have to be in by 5:00 pm. The only places we can go are places of necessities. Well, you know how it is.

While we did not have contact with anyone except for talking back and forth from a distance or a hand wave, we did have contact with some wildlife in the area. Even the animals seem different. These birds refused to move as we walked by. Normally they will scatter. 

These two ducks visited our campsite every morning. They must of could hear my door open each morning to let the sunshine and cool breeze in. Within minutes I would hear them quaking at the foot of my door steps.

They would stay and watch me while I ate my breakfast then I would feed them some bread. 
We talked about the weather and about their other feathered family. 

While we were out walking we saw several of these little turtles. Some were no bigger than an quarter and most were smashed on the road. 

I was able to save this one. I took him over to the lake side and set him free. 

When we got home, I took a walk around the yard to check on my plants. I will occasionally peep in the bird campers to see if they are occupied. As I walked up to this bird camper, my stomach feel on the ground and my heart raced out of my chest as I saw an unwelcome happy camper. 

He looked happy and content so I told Nick to just take him out of the yard, but he got rid of him instead. It turned out to be a pretty long black snake and looked like it just had dinner (Probably from eggs in the nest). I know they are “suppose” to be the good snakes but I am terrified of any snake and the deader the better. The bite of a black snake will still make you extremely sick. 


  1. Oh Lisa, just beautiful, love the camper and I love that you are in your happy place! Stay well and safe my beautiful friend!

  2. It is a joy to read of your trip to the beach. I know your heart is there, and a sweet place for it to be. There is something special about animals, especially the ones that fend for them selves. We feeding wildlife is always fun. I am told we shouldn't do that, but WHO can resist when they ask 'sweetly.'
    But we are glad you are back safely. BE careful and stay safe...
    Love ya'
    Sherry & jack confined to the Btown. LOL

  3. I love those birds the camping and the turtle so cute! Glad you had a good time. It is beautiful there.

  4. We're not getting out much at all. I had to pick up my taxes at the CPA, and get feed for the chickens. Otherwise, we're homebodies.

  5. I never knew a black snake bite was dangerous!! We have them on our property and never kill any unless they persist in coming close to the house or if we see them going after birds' nests. I've never been afraid of them and lots of times lifted them up on a rake handle to carry them out of the yard. I'm 80 years old - I guess there's always something new to learn. I'm so very glad I happened onto your blog from Henny Penny Lane. I'll think twice the next time I see a black snake in our yard. (They've gotten into the house twice years ago.) Thank you!! Stay safe and well.