Mask Extenders

The world is so weird right now. I have so many mixed feeling toward this pandemic, quarantines , closings and social distancing.
I still think its 40% contagious and 60% political. None of this makes since to me. I have never seen the world jump so fast on shutting down. 
But that’s just me. Just in case, I still take precautions and urge others to do so too. Rules are rules.

Do you have a mask yet? I purchased a few mask for my household from a neighbor. Each one in different prints just to be fun. I never knew face mask would make a fashion statement.

My mom just completed several mask too. They were all donated to healthcare groups. She also made a few for other family members.

I had people contact me about making some mask extenders for the nurses in the ER. The elastic straps on their mask that fit around their ears are becoming irritating and their ears are taking the toll. These little straps fit around the back of their head usually over a pony tail and the elastic can button to it leaving the ears free from strain. 

So, I made a few for the ER nurses here in town. I received a message yesterday that they were very grateful for them as they have been a big help in relief. 
Now I have been working on creating more incase anyone else needs them. Its’s all I could do with the buttons I had. I have resources for more buttons if needed. 

So far I have not been over run by them so it’s been relaxing to sit and crochet. This also gives me something to use up my scraps of cotten yarn. 

What are some things keeping you busy while your staying in?


  1. We haven't been wearing masks. There are so few people here by us and when we go shopping there are just a few people in the store. Still we stay the distance from people and just wash hands a lot.
    I've just been doing what I always do around the house. I have so many hobbies and activities that I'm never bored!!

  2. I actually wondered if that bothered anyone's ears. What a great idea, the extenders. The only masks I have ever worn are dust and paint masks, the bands always went around my head, so I was sorta 'bothered' seeing the bands around the ears. That would cause the hearing aid folk and ones like me a lot of trouble. We have enough hanging on our ears already. LOL
    Good stuff, you be smart.
    Sherry & jack

  3. That is such a great idea! I know the people that get and use them will be so appreciative. They have to feel better than the ties or elastic. Good Job!

  4. The world feels so strange to me too. I had never experienced such events before. The extenders are such a great idea! :)

    Perla Lifestyle Blog

  5. That is so awesome that you made the extenders for the nurses. I know they really appreciated your efforts to make them feel comfortable.

  6. Some of the hospitals here in the UK are asking for these for their staff. It's such a good idea, and an easy way for us to help.

  7. Scary times and the death rate is far too high from this virus, so I totally get the shut-down. Your mask extenders are great and, I'm sure, much appreciated. Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's.

  8. These are a great idea! And they look so pretty, too! I'm a big fan of finding new and useful ways to use up all those little leftover scraps of yarn, so your post has put me in the mood to get crocheting, too! I'll also link to this from my own mask-related post, as it's kind of in the same vein of finding useful things to repurpose in or for masks.

    That said, it's been feeling about 30 contagious - 70 political for me, so I'm "relieved" (or a more appropriate synonym) to see I'm not alone in not comprehending the instant worldwide consensus and ensuing rigmarole. Ah well.

  9. With all the sick and dying people in the world, this virus is definitely real. I don't listen to the politicians too much, but rather the health advisors. That is so nice of your mom to donate masks to the health care workers. : )


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