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Crochet Pumpkin Cup Cozy

I love Spring and Summer but I don’t mind Fall at all. There is something about the smell of fallen leaves and camp fires that make me enjoy the Autumn season. Everywhere you turn you see something Pumpkin Spicy. I am not a fan of pumpkin flavored foods except for pumpkin pie and even then, I like it covered with whipped cream. 

This time of year is also when everyone enjoys their favorite hot drinks while relaxing outdoors or at ball games. Sometimes those hot drinks you get at takeout coffee shops can be hot on your hands even thought they are served in insulated cups. Same goes with cold drinks. Our hands suffer discomfort at times. This is why everyone should own a cup or mug cozy.

My neighbor and sweet friend asked me if I could make her a crocheted cozy for her Starbucks cups. She thought it would be fun to have one with a pumpkin or other fall look to it. So I whipped up a cute little cozy and delivered it to her.

I thought it was cute so I made another one (a little different) and added it to my Etsy shop. I am tempted to take it for myself but I’d rather see it sell. I can always make another one for me later. Meanwhile I have kept busy supplying a local store with my crocheted ear savers that help protect ears from all day mask wear. They happen to be a big seller and I have been making 100 of them a month. I am also wanting to crochet myself a blanket. 

Are you a coffee or tea drinker or do you prefer cold drinks?
I love coffee with a sweet vanilla creamer. 

The cozy pattern that inspired me can be found at

Be sure to visit my Etsy shop LiLiDi for more of my creations.

It’s Been A While

It’s been a while since my last blog post. I mean, not a really long time, but longer than I had planned. 
I’ll try not to let it happen again but I’m sure I will.

I have trouble writing blog post when things are not comfortable in the world around me. I like to blog positive, happy or fun post. 
Oh, I have a lot to say about the things going on in the world today but I try to stay away from political topics or bad news. We get enough of that on TV. 

I also had a pretty busy week last week so I was never in a quiet frame to write a post. 
As I have mentioned in a previous post, I have been crocheting “ear savers”. They are these little bands that fit around the back of your head with a button on each end. Medical workers use them to hold their mask on without having to put the masks around their ears. They have been wearing mask so much that their ears are sore. These are a big relief to them. 

There is business in my town called “Morgans Shoes and Bootery’. They also are a big supplier of professional scrubs. This is where most medical workers and others buy their uniform scrubs. This means they are probably in need for ear savers too. My handmade ear savers are a big hit and they sell out quick. They have been ordering 50 at time from me. I can have them ready usually within 3 days. 

I also had a couple of job interviews last week. Both interviews went well and they seemed to like me. 
One already denied me and I am currently waiting back from the other. My search continues. 
With all the craziness going on right now, a lot of businesses have put a freeze on hiring. Hopefully things will get better. I’m tired of being home all the time. However, I love all the quality time I get to have with my husband. 

Mask Extenders

The world is so weird right now. I have so many mixed feeling toward this pandemic, quarantines , closings and social distancing.
I still think its 40% contagious and 60% political. None of this makes since to me. I have never seen the world jump so fast on shutting down. 
But that’s just me. Just in case, I still take precautions and urge others to do so too. Rules are rules.

Do you have a mask yet? I purchased a few mask for my household from a neighbor. Each one in different prints just to be fun. I never knew face mask would make a fashion statement.

My mom just completed several mask too. They were all donated to healthcare groups. She also made a few for other family members.

I had people contact me about making some mask extenders for the nurses in the ER. The elastic straps on their mask that fit around their ears are becoming irritating and their ears are taking the toll. These little straps fit around the back of their head usually over a pony tail and the elastic can button to it leaving the ears free from strain. 

So, I made a few for the ER nurses here in town. I received a message yesterday that they were very grateful for them as they have been a big help in relief. 
Now I have been working on creating more incase anyone else needs them. Its’s all I could do with the buttons I had. I have resources for more buttons if needed. 

So far I have not been over run by them so it’s been relaxing to sit and crochet. This also gives me something to use up my scraps of cotten yarn. 

What are some things keeping you busy while your staying in?