Cauliflower Cheesy Bread Sticks

Are you trying to stay away from bread or foods that include white flour? Probably not unless you are on some kind of low carb diet. But if you are, I have a solution for a substitute by using riced cauliflower.

I have never been a believer in all the smack about making pizza crust, mashed potatoes or anything else using Cauliflower. No matter what I have made with cauliflower, It taste like cauliflower. Period. You can not substitute a veggie for bread. Sorry, it just can not be done.
However, I came pretty close when I decided to give cauliflower bread sticks a try. I do believe you can make anything good if you add enough cheese to it. 

It was a Sunday afternoon and I had nothing else to do so I experimented with a recipe and made Cauliflower Cheesy Bread Sticks. 

We used them as a side dish to our dinner that night. Nick gave them a shoulder shrug but not a full thumbs up. However, after eating a couple of them dipped in marinara sauce, they were a hit. We had enough leftover to use the next day and heated up well in the toaster oven.

Here is the recipe:
  • 2 Cups frozen riced cauliflower (one bag).
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 Cup Mozzarella Cheese
  • 1 tsp Oregano
  • 2 cloves of minced garlic
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1/2 Cup Mozzarella Cheese for topping.

  1. -Cook or microwave the cauliflower as directed (you want it to be soft).
  2. -Mix all the ingredients together and add to the cauliflower. 
  3. -Spread onto a cookie sheet and form into a rectangle. (Do not add the topping yet).
  4. -Bake 425 for about 25 minutes or until it turns brown. 
  5. -Add 1/2 Cup cheese on top and bake another 5 minutes. 

My thoughts:
They were pretty good. I would make them again. I would change the recipe to just one egg because I thought they were a little too eggy. Also, I would have maybe cooked them a little longer to try and get crunchy edges. 

The original recipe can be found HERE


  1. I've tried to like cauliflower, but I never like the taste. I think I would like this recipe though!

  2. i love cauliflower. these bread sticks sound good. i'd dip mine in blue cheese.

  3. I keep seeing pizza with cauliflower as the main ingredient.

  4. I am totally going to try this time as they look delicious. Totally worth a shot!

  5. As always, you make food look good. Strange I never saw a cauliflower growing up. It was never at our home. I first ate it in the military. I wold probably eat it with out a dip, it looks good. AND things are NEVER too eggy. LOL
    Love ya
    Sherry & jack in Florida!

  6. PS>> Enjoyed the 'Friends' poem in the side-bar! Nice!

  7. This looks and sounds good and perfect with soup and a salad. This is something my family would like. thanks for the recipe.

  8. I've tried some of cauliflower recipes too and it is still cauliflower, but this looks really good.

  9. Catie was just asking me today if I'd ever used any of the cauliflower riced. I had never heard of it. Now you've given us a new recipe to try! Thanks Lisa, yours look good and sound good!

  10. I'm with you on both counts. All things are great with cheese and cauliflower is a quiet taste. I did use zucchini to make a substitute to Alfredo sauce and it was good. I'll have to try it again to make sure it wasn't a fluke and then share the recipe.