Estate Sale Finds

Nick ventured out on his morning walk while I stayed in cleaning the house, dancing and singing all to myself! That's usually how I start my Saturdays.

While I was dusting, I got a text. It was Nick letting me know that there was an estate sale in the neighborhood if I want to check it out. He mentioned there was a couple small coffee makers that our daughter had requested wanting. She does not care if it is new or used, as long as it will make her a cup of coffee. Hers broke and she needed a replacement. She doesn't like the fancy ones with the timers. She just wants an off/on switch.

I threw on some decent clothes and headed up the road. Sure enough there was two nice little coffee makers waiting for a new home. I picked the better of the two and headed to the pay table.

This coffee maker costed me $2.00. After a good wash and sanitizing, it’s like new.

Before leaving, I noticed a table of old costume jewelry. I'm a sucker for old jewelry but rarely wear it. I found this set of clip on earrings and thought about my mom. She does not have pierced ears and likes small dainty clip-ons. I thought these were really pretty and looked like her.

I purchased these gold/rose clip on earrings for .75 cent and she liked them and actually had a necklace to match.

Oh but that's not all. I also kept eyeing an old coat pin. I could tell it was pretty old by the shape of the pin itself. It had five little hand painted wooden Russian nesting dolls hanging from it. I kept questioning myself if I really want it or not. That's when Nick walked up and told me to just go ahead and get it. It was different. So I did.

This little charm was only $1.00.

That's all I picked up this day. I usually like to go searching estate and yard sales for vintage tea towels. As summer approaches, there will be more sales spotted around the neighborhood.
You never know what kind of goodies I might find. 


  1. Love these treasures you found. I have a friend who collects the Russian dolls, she’d have gone crazy for that.

  2. Love a good sale, haven't been to one in ages. Great finds, especially the coffee pot!
    From nearer to Charlotte,
    Sherry & jack

  3. You found some good deals and a couple of lovely and different things.

  4. Aren't you the best shopper? It always feels great to find treasures.

  5. I love a good estate sale!! I'm a sucker for vintage, love, love! Also old fashioned glasses or crystal. Oh and pitchers! :)

  6. Adorable purchases at a great price. And that coffee pot at $2.00 is a steal! It's fun to find interesting items at a bargain price.

  7. What sweet finds! The earrings remind me of some of the jewelry that my G'ma had when she was still with us. So nice that your Mom will wear them.

  8. That little coat pin with the Russian dolls is so cute. Whenever I see something unique and out of the ordinary, it calls out to me. Glad you found a coffee pot for your daughter. I'm with her.....I don't like the fancy ones either. The off/on switch is good enough. Has she ever tried the cone shaped coffee filters that make a single cup? That's what I use, and it makes the best coffee. You had a fun day at the estate sale, Lisa, and I'm glad you found a few goodies to take home.


  9. I love estate sales but we rarely go. We have too much stuff on our shelves now :)