Family Photo Not Happening

I have to admit, I get a little jealous when I log on to social media pages such as Facebook or Instagram and see all the families together smiling for that perfect family photo. Especially around the holidays when that seems to be the perfect time with everyone there. Some even take it a step further and wear matching outfits.

I can not get my family to do one photo. In fact, It's hard to even get them in the same room together at the same time to even discuss it. It makes everyone uncomfortable when I want a picture taken of them.

This past Christmas, while at mom and dads house, I told everyone that I would like us all to gather close for a family photo. They looked at me like I was out of my mind. Then everyone started disappearing to other rooms. I was heartbroken and just let it go. My nephews and cousins are growing up and mom and dad are getting old.

I think it's selfish. I know there are people that really do not like to have their photos taken. I get it. but on the other hand it's selfish to loved ones. One of these days, a picture will be all we have left of someone. Even if it's just one picture of a parent, family member or friend, smiling or showing happiness while doing something they enjoy. You know those happy or memorable moments.
Do you know that I do not have a photo of my grandmothers? 

However, I finally got a family photo with Nicks side of the family. It was not my idea this time. It was the idea of my niece. It happened, but not without some grumbling and complaining. The kids were screaming because they were tired of being held down while we waited on everyone to come into view. The photo turned out ok but I sure would love to have one with my side of the family as well.

It's not gonna happen.


  1. I get that sometimes when I try to take family pictures. What I say is this: Twenty years from now, you will thank me.
    The fact is, I love our old family pictures. My grandmother hated them but she did them anyway. She knew that one day the pictures would be cherished by her her offsprings.
    She was right.

  2. Funny that, We could have gotten Sherry's family together but not mine. Rick is right. Last year at her BD party, Granddaughter Sherece demanded (asked strongly) that the family get together for a picture, we did. I was glad she insisted. One year in Utah, we flew the entire family out, and an ex-DIL suggested a picture of everyone by a lake, there was a little hesitancy, but we did it and I have always appreciated her for that. Sherry & jack

    Great subject, also common results

  3. That's too bad, seriously. Photos capture the moments when you can't get them back and you're right, after it's all said and done, it's all you have left of the memory. My side of the family is all about pictures and so our boys grew up knowing it's not a choice. When mama wants a picture she's gonna get it and trust me sometimes I get only one chance but at least I get that. When my grandsons came to visit over the summer I was taking pictures right and left and finally one of the twins said, 'Grandma, no more pictures." I told him never I will always take pictures. when we were in swimming in the neighbors pool I gathered them around a floaty and said I need a picture and the boys were like grandma it's cold. I said, I don't care lets get the picture. And they said, You don't care? I laughed and said nope so as soon as I can get the picture you can get back in the water haha. I got it and they got back to swimming.
    Keep trying, never give up, never surrender!!

  4. I feel exactly the same way! It's so upsetting to me and I let it go and then end up resentful and blowing it out of proportion ("We're all not going to be here forever and you can't even take one picture!")

  5. frowny face

    Isn't the whole point of gettin' together all about the family photo?

    (just saying)