Blog Planner

I have been going around and around in my mind about using a blog planner or any planner of that matter. I actually bought a little simple planner to play around with until the end of the year. But dog gone it, my life is just not that busy.

I have no idea what to keep up with. I am not so busy that I can't just sit down after work and come up with something to blog about.


I want to make my blog better ( I say this every year). or better organized. I want to spend more time on it and try and bring in more traffic. I want my blog to grow.

I would consider my blog a "lifestyle" blog I think. I blog about things I do, see, or experience. I try my best to leave politics or news out of it. Because I'm not that educated on either one. I often do reviews and sometimes those have deadlines so It would be nice to keep up with them in a planner. Maybe plan out blog post for the future? Right now my post are usually spur of the moment. I have a tag called "random". seriously.

When I go online to read about blog planning. I only find sites that lead me to professional bloggers that do a lot of marketing, and selling. People that are focused on one topic. They speak too big in vocabulary for me to even understand what they are talking about. I mean, heck, I just learned recently what "monetizing" is. 

I do get ideas of a post sometimes and I will either snap a reminder photo or jot it down in my "notes" app on my phone. Maybe that's enough for me or maybe its not. I like being organized and love to be creative. But I want my planner to be more than a pretty book.

So I'm asking my readers for advice.

Do you use a blog planner? What about a daily planner? Do you carry a little journal around with you all day or do you use a special app on your device? I am curious. I would love to have new ideas ready for the new year that will soon be here.

For my blog friends that “Monetize” I’d also love to know what you use for that. 
I use Adsense but for some reason, The ads have stopped showeing up on my page as of November 1st. I’ve checked all my settings and everything is active with no violations. Been to help and support but with no advice. I’m ready to find other options. 


  1. No, I don't plan a blog at all. I just sit down at the computer at the end of the day and blog about my day.
    Still can't believe people actually like to read about it. : )

  2. I used to keep a planner for my blog years ago, but now I just keep a journal of the topics I'm going to talk about and I take it from there. Good luck, and have a great Lisa!

  3. I thought at one time making a travel blog, and at times mine is, but most of the time it is just scattered ideas of WHAT HAPPENED today. I enjoy coming to your blog, I get a kick out of the 'different ideas ' you come up with. (My age causes me to lose words, they fly by and I miss them, lol) It is your ideas of hand craft, etc. That still ain't it but it is the best my mind will do now. (sigh) Today is the first day I remember feeling OLD! And it sucks bilge water! But IO am still smiling and about to play dominoes with my girl friend.
    Nite (Hug St. Nick tight tonight!)

  4. I screenshot ideas on my phone, that's about as far as I go.

  5. I don’t do a blog planner but I’ve used a Franklin Covey Daily Planner for over 20 years.
    My planner touches on not only tasks, but projects, personal goals, milestones, a calendar, and ideas.
    Think of what is important to you and things you can do to more of those things.

  6. Hi Lisa,
    I have a journal I keep by my bed, as I usually come up with ideas before I go to sleep and I can jot them down. Nothing formal though. I write about fashion and also incorporate wheat I want ( usually midlife topics on Friday, or inspo posts). I use Reward Style to monitize or make some affiliate income. I haven't used Liketoknow it yet, as it is time consuming.
    I want to organize as well, my collaborations page and set goals.
    Hope I helped!
    jess xx

  7. I'm with you - often I just sit at the computer and start writing! Unless it's something I've been today's post!

  8. I do plan ahead because it helps me be consistent. I just have a word document with 12 table in it - one for each month and then schedule the topic such as food, books, art etc on a regular schedule. It does the trick. good luck