Dollar Store Finds

Spring is still among us but Summer will be here before you know it. Summertime brings lots of fruity and flowery things. If you notice, the stores this year are loaded with fruit print clothing. My daughter even purchased a bathing suit in bananana print. I told her shes gone bananas [enter laugh here].
There are mens blazers in pineapple print at Kohl's department store. I heard these are a big deal on cruises this year. Do you have any fruity print clothing?

The other day while looking around the dollar store for some safety pins, I came across these adorable plates and napkins. 

Wouldn't these be adorable at your next picnic? I can picture these on the table with a bouque of daisies. Just adorable. I didn't purchase them but I wish I would have. I may sneak back up there a get them this week. I think they will be great for the beach or patio. 

I found the safety pins I was looking for and headed toward the register. As I was walking to the check out line, I passed by these precious tea towels. If you know me, then you know I am a sucker for tea towels. Preferably vintage ones but any will do. I have to many towels on hand right now but I did not leave the store with out this cutie.

I plan to give this towel to my daughter as it will look great in her kitchen and I can imagine her saying these words. 

I love visiting the dollar store as everything cost only a dollar. I never leave empty handed. 


  1. Fun finds. I am trying hard to reduce our possessions. Not always successfully.

  2. I was just the Dollar store yesterday. Must have those sweet lemons! And GREAT towel!

  3. Yep, just like Mary Ann said yesterday, That Lisa can do anything. She is so creative. Now that is a compliment from one who is super crafty her own self.
    Enjoyed the visit!

  4. Very sweet dollar store bargains. Love the lemons.

  5. No, no fruit clothing in my wardrobe. : )
    Cute saying on the towel.