We finally got my daughter and her roommate moved into their new apartment. It was nice not to have to drive back and forth moving them. We only had to go floor to floor and hall to hall. Her new apartment is on the other side of the complex from the other one but its all indoors. All they have left to do is some final cleaning of the old one and they are done. 

About 1:30 we were getting hungry so we took a break and walked a block to a little sandwich shop called  Lincolns Haberdashery. Nick bought us all some lunch. My daughter ended up buying us an ice cream cookie sandwich on the way back. It was delicious and huge. We all had a share of it and she had enough left over to eat later for a snack. I wish I would have gotten a photo of it. 
However, I did get a shot of this darling little idea with spaghetti sticks they had at the coffee bar. 

Speaking of coffee bar, they had what is called a “Affogato”. It was espresso poured over ice cream and amaretto liqueur then and topped with chocolate, caramel and biscotti sprinkles. It looked delicious but I didnt get one this time. 
Around here we would have just called it a “coffee float”

When we got finished eating, Nick stayed busy getting all the curtains, pictures and mirrors hung while we moved little things. I got my 10k steps in before noon. I could have stayed longer than we did but she was wanting to get ready to take her boyfriend out for his birthday. 

Speaking of going out. Me and Nick had planned to do our anniverary dinner this weekend. Now we are exhausted and just want to lay around. 
Oh well, everyday is a special day for us. We can always go out another time. Your childrens needs are always first priority. 

Now its back to work hope this week is better.
Happy Monday.


  1. There is a special feeling when you can help a son or daughter in time of REAL need. I am so glad you & Nick were able to help and get-r-done, I had parents like you & Nick. I think you did too! Love from, this side of the muddy South Fork.

  2. This is great way of bonding with children as you both helped as a responsible parent.

  3. Yes, children are important! But so is quality time for you two! Don't forget about ya'll! Your Nick sounds like a wonderful man that loves you and yours very much! I have one just like him!

  4. I hope this week is much less tiring for you all. Will your daughter have to more again when her apartment is fixed?
    I use spaghetti sticks to test whether a cake is cooked. They leave smaller holes than a knife or a skewer.

  5. I’ve helped a lot of people move. We moved friends from Atlanta to Seaside, Florida.
    We helped several of our nieces and nephews. It’s HARD work. I know you and the Nickster are whupped.
    Did you miss out on your beach get-away?

    1. No, we are all going in a couple weeks for a long weekend. We will take our week trip in Aug.

  6. I'm not a coffee person but that affogato does look good at least

  7. hope you get your anniversary celebration in soon.