Lemon Seeds

I had no idea I could actually grow a lemon tree. I read on the Internet that you can actually grow a lemon tree from lemon seeds. Really? Ha! Okay, I knew that but wasn't sure it would work for me.

I read that the seeds need to be from a fresh organic lemon. My lemons were NOT organic. In fact, they had also been in the fridge for a week.
The truth is, I rarely buy anything organic unless its on sale and that's only because of the price. I’m not a big believer in the whole organic craze. Organic to me is right out of my garden. I call bull on any of the organic claimed items in the store. Personally I’d rather have my foods grown protected from insects and diseases. But that's just my thoughts.

Ok, back to the lemon seeds. 
While cutting up a lemon for Nicks water, I managed to scoop out some seeds. I didn't follow the instructions on how to get them ready to plant. I just stuck them in some dirt. Two weeks later, I had lemon sprigs! 

I was tickled. I did read that once they have a couple leaves to them, I can transport them to a larger pot, so I did and they have mature just a bit.

Now I wait. The weathers is going to turn cold soon so I plan to bring the plant inside and keep it by the bay window for sun. I really hope it continues to grow.


  1. missed this Thursday.

    Dina uses lemons in her tea...I need to snag a few seeds and give this a whirl.

  2. I'm giving this a try looks like any lemon will work. Thanks for posting.

  3. And the leaves from lemon trees smell wonderful.
    I do like organic food (though it is way too expensive). I think we add too many chemicals to too many things, often before investigating whether it affects us as well as the insects/pests it is designed to target.

  4. When my kids were growing up, we had fun growing all sorts of plants.
    Have fun.

  5. All of the citrus and avocado trees in our house were grown from seeds that Jilda's mother planted. We have to trim the tops off the trees each autumn when we bring them inside because they won't fit in our living room which has 14 foot ceilings :)