Cheese Ball

You can't have a party without a cheese ball can ya? I love any kind of cheese!  Bring on the crackers!

I love to make these cheese balls. Its a recipe I inherited from my late Mother in law. For my husbands sake, I try to keep the memories of some of her recipes going. I know they will never turn out as good as she did them, but I try. I've yet to attempt making her chex mix snacks. We do not need all that salt.

This cheese ball is easy to make but hard on the wallet. This recipe makes one large cheese ball, but by doubling it, you can make three slightly smaller cheese balls. So I guess its not all that bad as long as you can find pecans on sale. 


Here is how you do it:

2- 8oz block cream cheese
3 1/2 cups- shredded sharp cheese
dab- Worcestershire sauce
1 small jar of dried beef ( finely chopped)
1 pack of Ranch dressing mix

Mix all together until smooth textured, form into a ball and roll in nuts to coat.

Refrigerate till ready to use or can be frozen and taken out the morning or night before you need it. 


They make great gifts for friends or neighbors. Just wrap in wax paper or in a pastry bag like I did and put a bow on it! Enjoy!


  1. I love cheese also. I always enjoyed the cheese balls at our family get together's. They do set off a meal or side table. They usually disappear pretty fast LOL
    SWEET of you to think of keeping the recipe alive.....

  2. Great gift idea. I make mine with chopped shrimp instead of beef and I've never tried the ranch mix, but I bet it's delicious. Good Lord, pecans cost an arm and leg these days, don't they? I'm planting a grove of them.

  3. Thank you for the recipe.
    Hope you are enjoying the season

  4. I love cheese too. I've never met a cheese ball I didn't like.

  5. I love cheese balls...daughter had one at her party last night that was great...I will give yours a try...xoxo

  6. I like cheese balls too. That looks delicious.