Treasures From Moms Kitchen

Last weekend during our family get together, I was going to help mom with the dishes when she came in like usual and demanded I stop. " That's what I have a dishwasher for", she said.

While puting away the few clean dishes that were sitting in the dishwasher, she pulled out two tiny bowls.

Now if you have been reading my blog or know me at all, then you know my addiction to vintage dishes like Pyrex, Fire King, and Corning ware.

These bowls are Fire King "Summerfield". 

"Oh, I remember usung these when I was little!" I said with excitement.
Mom said, "Well you can have them if you want them". She explained, "I used to have four and now I only have two and rarely use them, so yes, you can have them".

I was so excited. I could see Nicks face across the room as if hes thinking, "oh dear, she doesn't need anymore bowls!" Looking at him from the corner of my eye and a smerky smile, I carefully tucked them in my purse.

We carried on in the kitchen. Mom mentioned that I could also have the matching casserole to go with those little bowls. What? 
I opened her top cabinet and it revealed not one, but a whole slew of corningware and fire king dishes. 
It was like "Hallelujah!"

I dont think she uses them much any anymore, but it brough back many memories of her home cooked meals while I was growing up. Needles to say I didn't take any of the big dishes home with me but I know now where a matching casserole is to my cute little bowls.


  1. HAHA! This post made me smile :) It makes me think of when I visit my mom. There are so many treasures to be found there and she always offers things to take back home with me.

  2. Ah ha! that moment that makes one smile 'all over'. Times to remember and of course 'tokens' to key the memories for years to come.
    Love it! Ain't mamas sweet!

  3. The bowls are adorable!!

  4. Anything cooked/prepared/stored in those bowls would taste better.

  5. Such cute little bowls. How nice that your mom gave then to you. : )

  6. Ahhh How sweet. Tender memories. So nice that your mom was able to give them to you.

  7. Our house came with a dish-washer, I still haven't used it. I try to keep the power bill down. I've done pretty well, Duke Energy hasn't gotten more than 100 a month from me yet.

  8. What a gift. When I showed these bowls Jilda said that her mom had some of these too but they were lost in the shuffle.

  9. awww, aren't the little bowls so cute. I don't remember that pattern..I love FireKing, too. For some reason, my mom didn't have any...lots of the blue flower corning ware, tho.