Happy Thanksgiving

I do not have a post for today, yet. Im hoping after the day has ended, ill have time set down and share my day with you.
( My post are in real time. I rarely have one scheduled )

I just want to take a moment while I have a cup of coffee to wish everyone a

I have two cranberry salads made and ready. I have my stuffing (or dressing) ready to mix. My house smells like celery and onions right now but it smells so good. (Excuse me while I walk outside a moment for air).

I will be heading to my home town of Belmont for dinner #1 at moms with my side of the family. Later, we will leave from there and head to my inlaws for dinner #2 with Nicks side of the family.
Sometime between the two dinners we will stop by the house to check on the turkey breast that will be cooking for dinner #2 and cook the dressing (or stuffing).

Its going to be a busy busy day.

By the way, Is it stuffing or dressing? I assume its dressing since I dont put it inside the turkey.
Am I correct?

God bless you all and all be Thankful.


  1. If it ain't in it, it can't be stuffing. Yep your logic seems right to me. But then I really don't know. BUT I do hope you guys have a great day, I know you will eat well.

    Love from Florida!

  2. I always say stuffing.

    Happy Turkey Day

  3. I say stuffing but do put it in the turkey. Not today though we are having ham.
    How do you eat two dinners?!!! : )
    I never schedule a post either. I just sit down and write it and post it.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. For me, it could be either; I STUFF myself with it & always get some on my DRESS!!

  5. Tah Dah! I predicted that you would have a Thanksgiving post and here you are!
    It's dressing just because you say so

    Happy Turkey Day

  6. First off, I do hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and that you got plenty full...I did...:)
    Those pillows you spoke of on my post...the softest, very favorite pillows...TJMaxx...3 yrs ago...

  7. Oh, wait...I forgot...we have always called it dressing..I never have stuffed my turkey...but, I think most of us Texans have called it dressing always, even if it's stuffed into that turkey.