The Interview

If you keep up with me, then you know I attended a Phlebotomy certification class a few years ago and continue keeping my license valid. I really want to do this kind of work one day.

While I am currently still at my twenty-two years behind this desk job, it hasn't stopped me from dreaming. There is something or somebody every day that pushes my button to ask myself,
"Self, You are better than this, why are you not looking?!"

Well, looking is what I have been doing. I have heard others tell me that I will not find a job making what I make now or that I will not find another job period. 

While they are probably 95% correct, I'm taking that 5% chance. So in the past couple months, I've sent my resume to four different places. 
~Two I have never gotten a response.
~One I got two emails stating they are looking at my resume and application and will be in touch.
~And one called me. After playing phone tag all day (I was working), I got a final message from a blood center letting me know they would be calling again in the morning at 8:30 and ask for about ten minutes of my time. 

So it happened. My first interview in twenty-two years. Even though it was a phone interview, I was still so nervous. What will they ask me? Will My mind go blank and sound like a pure T idiot?

Surprisingly, He was very pleasant to talk to and I didn't feel intimidated. He did most of the talking and made me feel at ease.

He told me about the phlebotomist position I had applied for. He admitted several times how impressed he was with my resume. They were interested in me. Wow. This felt good.

However, I had to decline the offer. It would require me to drive back and forth to the center which is thirty to forty-five minutes away. There I would only clock in and out as I would then be going mobile all over the state and sometimes have twelve hour days including weekends. I could be a mobile phlebotomist. I would love that. But I cant commit to those hours. 

The call ended with, "Well Mrs.D, if you ever change your mind whether it be six months or a year from now, get back in touch with me. 

I was flattered. Its wasn't much but it was something. I felt more important in those five minutes than I have at my current job in years.
I walked a little taller that evening just knowing I was recognized and had a chance. 

Until next time, I will continue doing what I do while I think about the future.


  1. From what I know about you I think you can do or be whatever you want!!

  2. Congratulations. You must be feeling so good right now.

  3. Good for you. You got the offer but made a tactical decision about whether or not it was right for you. Feeling you matter about something you're more than qualified to do, really does make a difference.

  4. I think you made a wise decision, Lisa. That sounds like a heavy schedule and at this point in our lives we should be lightening up our schedules to make more time for our REAL life! Congrats on acing the interview, though!

  5. I have always been a dreamer with 'solid' footing. I think it is a wonderful trait to dream, but not be a 'head in the sky dreamer' out of touch with reality.

    I love this post, NEVER GIVE UP, a famous speech by a world leader in the 1940's, still relevant today .

    I'm smiling, proud to know the dream is still alive.

    Also very good idea, the interview, keeps a person on their toes!

  6. I'm glad I don't have to do a phone interview as of yet. I can't hear clearly now that everyone has a cell phone with questionable reception

  7. What I liked best was your reaction to the interview. Inspiring

  8. Good for you. : )
    I'm going to give the food color with the Queen Anne's Lace a try. Thanks for the idea.

    1. Forgot to say I loved the picture of the little girl. What a great expression!! : )

  9. Interviews are the hardest part of landing a job. What I recommend to is that they look
    At the job requirements listed and the think of their past experiences and be able to answer an interview question relating to the requirements.
    Tell me about a time when you've had to deal wit a difficult person is one I hear a great deal.
    Getting an offer says that you have the skills needed. You just need to continue looking for an opportunity that fits.

  10. YAY, you! :)))
    I'm pretty impressed how you discovered you've outgrown your present circumstances and now you're taking action to create something more fulfilling.

  11. Good for you for getting out there and knowing what you want! I am also trapped at a desk job but it wouldn't pay me to leave unfortunately. The good news is I have less than 4 1/2 years left.
    I'm sure something will work out for you!