Loss of Hearing

Seriously, I think im loosing my hearing in one ear. Not sure whats going on in there.

Its been nearly three weeks now. I have suffered with a stopped up ear. It started out as both ears but one was fine within a day or two. That give me a little bit of hope for the other one.
The left one however is another story. The sounds around me are buffered. My ear buzzes like the florecent lights at the doctors office. This leaves me feeling dizzy and off sided. Its annoying. I cant seem to concentrate and I just want to scream. The feeling is like that pressure you get when you go up a mountian. A simple yawn or chewing of gum will pop them right back to normal. But none of the tricks are working for me.

I suffer allergies something terrible. If I dont take Allegra daily, then I suffer as if I have a full blown cold. Its normal for my ears to ache and ring at times but this is not going away. I went to the doctor last week. He looked inside my ears and said "Well, I dont see a problem, they are white and clean down there". Of course they are!!!! Ive tried everything. Eardrops, alcohol, peroxide and Q-tips. Of course they are clean. But hey, Im glad there is no infection.

The doctor suggested I change my allergy medicine to Allegra D. He thinks its just my allergies causeing the problem. The "D" formula supose to have a decongestant in it. So five days on that, nothing. I mean really nothing. Now I cant even hear out of that side. I close off the right ear and the left ear is just dead. I cant even hear when I touch it. Its like numb.

I did my own reasearch and all my symptoms lead to my own diagnosis of
"blocked Eustachian Tubes".

Im really hoping that soon, the ear will finally pop and I can hear out of it once again. Until, then, everyone will continue to sound like they are talking to me from outside of a drum and Im just going to have to get used to it. 


  1. O, bless your heart...I wish I could tell you something to do to help but I don't have a clue...just hoping it gets well really soon....

  2. I had a clogged ear about a year ago, it was awful. Sounds like you hear through fishbowl

  3. So sorry for your terrible discomfort. It's just a thought, but did you see your family physician or an ear, nose, throat specialist(Otolaryngologist? Please don't wait for it "to get better". Please see a specialist! Best wishes to "hearing clearly" soon. - - - "Can you hear me now?" Prayers for fast recovery.

  4. Please see a specialist NOW!!

  5. Echoing the others. Don't wait. See a specialist. Yesterday.

  6. I'm with Mary. My best wishes are with you.

  7. Thanks guys. Im not in any pain and no fever. Just annoyed. Im going to try chewing gum all day tomorrow to see if I can get that canal to open. Tonight Im going to try a syringe and see if a warm solution will work. Im going to give it a few more days.

  8. Oh that must be awful for you. Sure hope you get your hearing back. I will add you to my morning prayer list. Sounds like good advice to see a professional. Keep us informed.

  9. I'm sorry to hear of your ear problem and hope you get help to find out what is wrong! I agree with the above comments - don't wait, go and get it checked out. Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. My wife had those symptoms after taking infusions for a immune system disorder. She saw an ENT that specializes in balance and hearing loss. She has manniears disease. She waited too long so she may not get all her hearing back. DON'T wait for it to get better.

  11. Hopping for best for you dear ,since I got back to my hot city from our visit I am suffering with skin allergy but thank God that saw the docter and medicines are making better

  12. Oh gosh! I hate that for you. I've had that before. It didn't last long, but quite frustrating. And, I think your diagnosis is right...allergy induced, no doubt. Hope you get to hearing again, soon. Loved the cat! Had to laugh even though it doesn't feel funny.

  13. UPDATE: I think they may be getting better. Thanks for those praying, you know who you are. I can hear out of it better now, it sqeaks when I chew, haha. There is also some pain now and drainage into my throat. I think this is a sign its clearing out. Well see how the weekend goes. Still feeling fine.

    1. Glad to hear that it's getting better! I hope it all clears up for you.

  14. That sounds so frustrating. Hope it clears up soon.

  15. I cannot find my comment. I had to paste it, and can't find it. Sherry told me tonite it never made it in. OUCH
    Loss of hearing is seldom understood by folks who HEAR. I think in your case, like I 'thought' of mine, the Eustachian tube is easily blocked, I always thought mine were too small.
    But sadly in my case it was much more serious.

    Here is hoping yours clears up on its on as min did several times.

    Eventually my problem was 'nerve damage' from explosions and helicopters.
    Stay cool anyway. Love from Florida!