Eating Contest

There were several eating contest going on in my town last week at an uptown festival.
Those contest included a watermelon eating contest, a pie eating contest and of course a hot dog eating contest. It was hot as momma's oven at Thanksgiving. There was no shade in site so we didn't stay long. However, I just had to stay and see the hot dog eating contest. Why do we do this?

The count down was on and a group of contestants waited for the go.

They all began gulping down hot dogs to see who could eat the most in three minutes.

One got sick after about four. Two were at a tie for the win and one guy was just there having his dinner, I think. 

Why do they choose the most choke hazard food to use in contest? I will never understand.

As we walked back to the car I was thinking....looked over at my husband and said "Had it been a doughnut eating contest, I would have entered".

And I was serious. 


  1. I have never understood those contests....I mean, why would we ever want to encourage anyone to stuff themselves senseless just for others' amusement? Oh well, to each his own, right?

  2. I've never been able to understand why people do this! Seems so senseless.

  3. Some of those contests have people with inhuman stomachs

  4. Okay, I gotta say, the guy there for dinner was the smartest! LOL
    Since we are here in Florida, we notice there isn't that much difference in the temps here and GAston. OUCH Hot!
    I like to enjoy food, especially hot dogs since we do not have them often. The last one I had was at Tony's a couple Sundays ago, Sherry had a fried bologna sandwich!
    Now a Tony's ice cream eating contest......... Maybe!

    1. Not a fan of Tonys Ice Cream, but Im with Sherry, their bologna sandwiches are the best!!

  5. I can't eat very much at one time anyway so have no interest in entering one of these contests. : ) I don't see how people can stuff so much food into themselves!!

  6. I'm a slow eater somI would lose miserably but I can hide a few doughnuts too:)

  7. I would love to be in an ice cream eating contest, if there is such a thing :)