Worry Beads

I'm one of those fidgety people. I'm a nail biter, and a finger popper. By the end of church services, the bulletin will be rolled and my Bible pages will be curled. 

While I'm at home, I have to be doing something with my hands. I guess that's why I take so much pleasure in painting or crocheting.

I'm not really that big of a worry wart but I do worry about the safety of my daughter out on her own in this mad mad world. But that's not constant. I'd be sick if I let that bother me so much.

I'm just fidgety. That's when I discovered worry beads. It only took me one look at these in shops around the internet world to realize I can just make my own. So that's exactly what I did. I also made a couple more sets for my own shop.

Let me just say, I am not one of those people that believe in special powers of meditation, stars, minerals or rocks. My power and relaxation comes from God and prayer.

Worry beads are also called Begleri.
Begleri is a Greek name for a beaded toy you twirl between your fingers with a technique you have to learn. Its brings relaxation and stress relief.

Worry beads also have another name called Komboloi. 
Komboloi is also a Greek name for a strand of beads used to pass time. This is more of what I have made. The toy "Begleri" is longer and usually has less beads so they are easily flipped around and over the fingers at fast speed.

These are not prayer beads. Prayer beads are used in religious traditions. Worry beads have no religious or ceremonial purpose. These are just something I can fidget with instead of continuing to destroy pen clips, paper clips, earrings and the charm on my necklace. 

Speaking of beads on a string? Who remembers these old toys? 

My Grandmother had a couple sets of these glass Klackers. I loved playing with them when she'd let me. They were later outlawed. Ok they have no relation to the beads I'm talking about in my post but I had to mention them. They wouldn't relieve worry, they caused it. ha!

Do you worry? Are you fidgety? What are ways you relieve your nervousness or anxiety?


  1. I crack my knuckles. For a few years in church I tried to remember what 'I thought the preacher said', to make conversation with my sweetheart. Most was funny, some down right nasty.
    But I doodle, if there is a pen and paper handy, no matter how small the paper.
    I have heard of 'worry beads' but this is the first explanation. Thanks for the education. ;-)

  2. I try to learn something new each and every day and you helped me with that nice and early today. At this stage of my life I am feeling quite calm, especially of late. However, when I was younger with a lot of responsibilities I do not recall being a fidgetter but the worry caused medical issues with hypertension. All better now! Thanks for the fun explanation.

  3. I'm not much of a fidgeter but I do find myself worrying about stuff I can't change. I'm not sure why but I do.