Shopping Complete

Finally. I think I have my all my Christmas shopping finished. "I think", "No, really I'm done". "Pretty much".

Me and my husband would venture out to the shops. Then we would separate. I'd go my way and he'd get his exercise in by walking laps around the mall while I shopped. Walking into the mall one day I noticed a little old man sleeping in the car next to us. I knew he was just waiting on his wife while she shopped. I nudge my husband, did a little giggle and said, "That's going to be you one of these days. needless to say, he agreed then jokingly said "no, that will probably be you."

I like to start my shopping early. The last family birthday of the year is my husbands which is the middle of October. After that date, Its time for me to start thinking about Christmas shopping. Yea, just thinking about it ,not actually doing it. But then by the first of November I'm ready to hit the stores. I have my daughter send me her Christmas wish list and I begin looking. Without a lot of success in getting all the things she mentions on her list, I think I do pretty good to accomplish a couple of them. There are things I cant find or afford and have to put them off. But she has always been a grateful person and accepts what she gets without complaining.

Our family, between my brothers, sisters, in-laws, aunts and uncles, we have decided to skip gift giving to each other for the simple fact that everyone has everything they need and it ends up just being a big money swap. We made an agreement to just buy for our parents and the smaller kids in the family and enjoy Christmas without the hassle of adult gift buying.

Me and My Husband have even agreed not to buy for each other. Instead, we do something special together or buy something for our home to enjoy together. ...Ok honestly, we just want it to hurry up and get by so we can move on to summer! We like to save our money to enjoy on our beach trips during the spring and summer. I'm ok with that!

So yes, my shopping is now complete. There is always that one more thing I would like to get my daughter but I have to throw in the towel some time or ill over do it. I have to finally hault.

Now I can just tidy up the house, relax and enjoy the sweet things in life such as Christmas baking and sharing my goodies with friends and neighbors. This year, I plan to make Crostoli, Italian Wedding cookies, and biscotti.

Do you procrastinate? Do your shopping last minute? or do you get ahead of the game and knock it out early?


  1. Hi Lisa, I like to start my shopping in November too. I just finished shopping today and need to finish wrapping. Next week I'll be baking and food shopping. Baking the cookies sounds like a lot of fun. Have a Merry Christmas. Julie xo

  2. We have reached a time that it is cards with a little money inside. It was gift cards for awhile, but this guy does not like gift cards. I don't like contributing to the millions in 'free money' to companies from lost cards or cards discarded with less than a dollar left on them, etc.
    We enjoy reading the 'love' expressed concerning you and the hubby. Agreement and sharing has kept us together 59+ years. Not always perfect agreement, even a small spat, but overall, we enjoy doing things together, as your blog entries come across.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours, hold on to all that love.

  3. It's a relief getting the shopping done. We had three birthdays in December and we celebrated them at our house yesterday. It was fun but Jilda and I were whupped by the end of the day.