Last Walk of The Year

With all the Christmas decorations taken down and put away, Me and Nick venture out for my last walk of the year. I work until dark all week so the weekends are all I get right now but that will soon change once the days start getting longer.

As we stepped out for a three mile walk, the weather was wet, muggy and 70 degrees. With a mist in the air, we could hear the birds singing and bullfrogs chirping as if they were confused by the weather. This is not the normal temperature for the end of December here in North Carolina but I'll take it. Just like the birds, I pretended it was spring too as I wore my shorts and t-shirt. I was not a bit bothered by the rainy mist. I still thought it was a beautiful day.

Mother nature seemed a little confused by the unusual warm weather too. While we were walking, I could not help but snap a few pictures of signs of spring in December.

Dandelions along with many spring onions are filling the yards that need mowing.
Bright green moss was growing on the sidewalks

The rain drops on these leaves look refreshing.
The Daffodils think its April

and this rose bud is hanging on as if its doesn't want to let go of summer.

Now this tree shows that Mother nature has a since of humor. Do you see what I see?
Its back to work tomorrow after four straight days off. I'm going to miss the time I got to spend with my Daughter and Husband during the long weekend. Time to get back to reality as the cold weather suppose to creep in by New Years morning but still giving unseasonal warm afternoons. 


  1. I see a frowning tree, or is that a long trunked lady?
    I like your thoughts of family time. Enjoy it, soak it up. One day the memories will warm your heart as you lovers hold each other. Hold it tight, it will be forth every effort.
    Visiting here sorta takes us back. Sherry always reads, but never comments. This is her favorite place.
    Love from the WILDwood of Florida@! (Hugs to Nick)

    1. I just saw the Frown! I was seeing the "long Trunked lady". haha.


  2. Love the pictures with that weather why do we drive to Florida?? hahahahaha (I had to delete the first, I need a proofer even on a comment! ;-)

  3. Great photos Lisa. I've been off this week and my Fitbit shows that I've averaged 10,000 steps every day.
    The weather's been wacky here too but it's much cooler this morning.

    1. Ha! My fitbit step goal is 9000 and I struggle right now to get that! Your doing great getting 10000!