Retirement Party

My brother has now retired from the city police department. He gave 30 years of time and service to protect and serve.

The family got together for dinner at one of our favorite BBQ restaurants to celebrate this bitter sweet time in his life.

Hes was one if the good guys. A gentle giant standing over 6 feet tall and over 200 lbs. If a criminal was put in the back of his police car, you can bet he was probably witnessed to rather than lectured. My brother had a soft heart yet strong hands and no one could get past him. He was pretty intimidating I would say.

He enjoyed working in the schools often and all the children loved him. I've seen him sit down to lunch with kids in the lunchroom and help them cross the roads before and after school. He was a hero to many. He didn't talk much about his adventures on the streets as he kept everything confidential. I was able to ride with him a couple times on a shift which I thought was exciting yet scary at times.

I can remember the first time he announced he made it on the police force. It was sorta hard to absorb at the time as I was only 16 and bit of a lead foot". "Does this mean I have to be careful?" "Will he be following me around?" "Oh no, he will have a gun". "People will be shooting at him". "He will be speeding!" Many things crossed my mind as I took it all in. Excitement, worry, and even envy as I was only a fast food worker.

It all turned out for the good as I was able to get out of a few tickets, he was the first on the scene when I'd have an accident (no counting), and I knew just who to call when something was going on around my neighborhood.

With the way the world is now, I'm glad he has gotten out. Times are getting hard for authorities now days and its only going to get worst.

He will continue volunteering a few hours a month to keep his credits but no more stopping in for Holiday dinners while adjusting the vest and belt to comfort as he gulped down a meal and no more rushing away from a conversation to get to a call.

I am proud of him and wish him the best as he ventures out the rest of his life.

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  1. You have a good way of introduction and history. Yes your family knows more than most the dangers of a LEO now. I do hate it when I see respect for the Law man sink. I cringe when they find a bad guy, is a policeman, more fuel for a liberal agenda. BUT when I hear of the gentle giant who is also a 'COP', I do get a smile. I hope the retirement is good for him and he is READY for it, that is a big part of retirement.
    I can read you on the rushed dinners, now leisurely ones will be a pleasure.
    SWEET entry!